February 6, 2011

Today I am switching it up and not doing an outfit post. Instead, I thought I would share with you what I am currently drooling over: Diane Von Furstenberg's handbags. Known for her unique and ravishing clothing, DVF has hit it out of the park again with her new spring collection of handbags. I took some time to pick out my favorites from her new collection- eyeing a couple to purchase soon. If you know me, you know I am such a sucker for a handbag- they are my vice. I cannot stop myself from expanding my collection. I own bags made by a very wide range of designers from Fendi to Forever21- extremely cheap or expensive, I don't discriminate! What I MUST have this season is one of these amazing bags.
Lytton Love Knot Minaudiere

Marlene Evening Bag

Penny Wave Satchel

Harper Daybag

I thought I'd give a few pointers for you to remember when making that hard decision of: "Do I really need this bag?" 
I'm all for a cheap and fabulous bag, don't get me wrong, but I must suggest everyone invest in at least one well made (and maybe expensive) bag. If it is tough for you to splurge on handbags, I suggest spending time researching a classic bag. Classic bags are those who won't ever go out of style- a good investment. I have a few trusty classics that have carried me through many years. On the other hand, don't go making mindless bag purchases either! The biggest mistake you can make is buying tons of cheap bags that you don't really love, blowing almost the exact price of the designer purse you fell in love with in the window of Barneys. Fellow fashionistas: those little purchases ADD UP! Trust me from experience. It is much better to save that money from the "okay, its kind of cute, but its so cheap!" bags. Never buy something just because it's cheap. My rule is: if you wouldn't have even eyed it if it wasn't on sale/really cheap, DON'T BUY IT!

Have a fashionable day :)

xox, Devon


  1. TRUE THAT, DEV! Preach on girl! I, too, live by these tips.. sometimes we stray from them.. but it's so important to abide. And, um, I'm dying over all of these bags... seriously.. ah-frickin-mazing... :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!



  2. I agree, trying to save up to buy a Celine bag.

  3. I totally agree with on the necessity of an amazing bag!! I am in need of a new clutch so I hope to find the perfect one soon!! Good luck on your hunt as well!!



  4. totally agree with you i am quite a bag fanatic but i was very very good, saved up waited for the right moment and bought my louis vuitton black vernis monogram Alma and a cute purse to use on a day-to-day basis it was worth it!! im soo glad i waited and bought my perfect bag!! btw loving the harper handbag very stylish :) x


  5. Agreed! Also, you can find that fabulous leopard Lytton Love Knot Minaudiere at Drest by Scott Malouf in Lubbock on 82nd and Quaker....he carries so much DVF!!

    Love all yours styles!



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