Birthday Suit

October 15, 2011

Dress- Vintage, Bag- Gifted, Tights- Target, Jewelry- Vintage & Ettika, Sunnies- Karen Walker, Belt- Target

Well, kindof! 
I enjoyed a great start to my birthday weekend last night at the Taylor Swift concert-- don't judge! It was amazing to see anywhere from 4 year olds to grandparents singing her songs. She was fantastic!
 Oh, and its my birthday today! Off to enjoy a lunch with my closest friends, followed by a Texas Tech football game (Wreck EM!!)

 I'm 22 and they say its all down hill from here...


  1. You look beautiful. Happy birthday my love. Mom

  2. Happy Birthday Precious!

  3. Great outfit

    Follow eachother?

  4. Happy Be-lated Birthday love!! :))) I hope it was fabulous, just as you are!!

    And um... can we talk about how ahmazzzzzing this vintage dress is?? I'm dying, Dev... it's so great! It fits you so perfectly too! Love pairing with the tights... and with the shades on too, you just look like a diva... super gorg :)


  5. gorgeous! (and it is not all downhill from 22!!)

  6. Happy Birthday!

    And it only gets better :)

  7. Happy birthday! I love the leopard belt over the printed dress... daring, but it totally works.

    It's not all downhhill from 22, but it does get harder to remember how old you are (the birthdays after 21 just aren't as important, right?).

  8. Happy Birthday! It's all up from 22! ;) Love your style!

  9. Love your dress but specially adoring the mix of prints.


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