VSP Company by Vanessa Swarovski Giveaway!

January 17, 2012

(Dress- Hot & Delicious, Vest- Lylif, Heels- DBDK, Bag- Steve Madden, Cuffs- c/o VSP Company by Vanessa Swarovski, Tights- Target)

Fashionistas, listen up! I'm about to bestow a fabulous jewelry blessing (slash curse due to obsessing) upon you. As if my addiction to glitter and bling hasn't already gone too far. 
Blingaholics beware.

I am thoroughly pleased to introduce to you all VSP Company by Vanessa Swarovski. If you've lived under a rock and that last name doesn't sound familiar, think sparkles. Major sparkles. Vanessa is a member of the Austrian Swarovski family. So, in short, glitter literally runs through her veins.

After being surrounded by serious bling every day of her life, Vanessa has branched out and started her own jewelry company, VSP. Oh, and she knows what she's talking about-- she's a certified gemologist. Her designs are unique, edgy and extraordinary, beautifully adorned with the famous Swarovski crystals. Take a looksie at her online shop to see for yourself.
With all that said, one extremely lucky reader will win one of my favorite pieces from VSP: the Westlake Silver bracelet (see the picture above). I'm wearing her fantastic Chrome Bling Bands on each arm as cuffs. I think it's safe to say these bands can be dressed up and down with ease. I'm hooked.

All you have to do to enter is:
1) Follow me on Blogger over there on the right of my page.** directions below if you don't know!
2) Leave a comment on here telling me what your favorite piece is from the VSP Company by Vanessa Swarovski website
3) Make sure to leave your email in the comment!

****FYI: You don't have to have a blogger account to follow my blog! You can follow via twitter, yahoo or google! Just click the "JOIN THIS SITE" button to the right, and it will take you through the steps.

The winner will be chosen next week on January 24th! Good luck, everyone!


  1. Hey Devon! You are so gorgeous, girl! And the bling looks great on you. My favorite thing from their website is the aqua Glimmer Band. :-)


  2. 1. done and done.
    2. obsessing over your blinged out cuffs and the napoli wraps in every color.
    3. lifeisbananas15@gmail.com

    let it be known that i haven't entered a giveaway in, well, months which means yours is way too good to pass up.

  3. Hiya! Loving the black diamond roadster wrap!!!

    pursuitofshoes@gmail.com or ashleyetorres@gmail.com

  4. I love the Fleur de lis wrap necklace! Following you. thedollonfashion@hotmail.co.uk

    Love the cuffs on you, I thought they were a part of the blouse to start with!

    The doll on fashion

  5. YOU look amazing and I LOVE everything swarowski :) following you ;)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. Seriously loving this give away!!! & the Texas Wrap!!!! & and that totally awesome clutch, someone has a good eye:) lol you look amazing Dev!!

  7. I love Roadster Wrap Golden Shadow bracelete :)

  8. I LOVE the Chrome Napolis - especially in Violet! It'd be the perfect piece with any outfit - a little glitz, a little glam.
    Fingers crossed! alochiatto@gmail.com

  9. Wow I am in love with the Primavera Golden Teak Belt and Buckle! Wow beautiful stuff!

    I love how you are wearing two as cuffs with that dress!


  10. You already know how much I love this pink dress - and that leopard clutch is LOVE.

    I am a sucker for anything that sparkles, so count me in for this giveaway. I just followed you on blogger too ;)


  11. I like the Las Vegas bracelet from the New City collection. The ones you are wearing are awesome too! You can never have too much (Swarovski) sparkle!


  12. Love your blog & instagram!! I too am a Blingaholic. My favorite from the collection is the Westlake bracelet in Silver Shade. I die for this! A girl can never sparkle too much :)


  13. I love the London bracelet in indigo blue. I followed you on blogger!

  14. I love the Westlake Silver Shade wrap bracelet. It's a lovely piece you can dress up or dress down!



  15. I love the roadster wrap crystal bracelet! charmedinpdx[at]gmail[dot]com

  16. I love this: http://vspcompany.com/product.asp?name=Napoli%20Wrap%20-%20Black%20Diamond&id=153
    Sara Stolfa

  17. so glad you found me on twitter! love your blog and now following! this is a fantastic giveaway.. love the "instant bliss" cuff!



  18. The cuffs are fabulous! They compliment your outfit so well. You've got great style!Everything on the VSP site is out of this world. I can't believe how versatile all the pieces are. I was really drawn to the London Golden Shadow bracelet because it's elegant, classy, and sparkly! mandy.bert(at)gmail.com

  19. Those cuffs are so gorgeous! I love the way you're wearing a bright dress against neutrals - so so pretty!

  20. I love love this outfit and the bracelets in the collection! My favorite one is the Texas Wrap bracelet from the New City Collection, of course!


  21. FIRRRRSSSTTTT...regular outfit comment...the dress is so fantastic! it's such a great bold color! now for the giveaway..i liked this bracelet the most (http://vspcompany.com/product.asp?name=Napoli%20Wrap%20Crystal&id=155) because i like a nice neutral color that can go with most outfits!! my email is ly.kelly.l@gmail.com xoxo


  22. You cannot get any more blingy than the Instant Bliss bracelet. I'd definitely wear it dressed up or dressed down. It's gorgeous!


  23. I love your fushia dress. I love everything on the site. Especially the Baby Bling. I really like the poem that comes with the baby bling bracelet that says to "tuck it away and on your wedding day put it around your bouquet for your "something old". How precious and what a great baby gift.

  24. That dress is FABULOUS! And those jewels - obsessed. I love the London golden shadow bracelet - would be a permanent addition to my wrist. E-mail is hithaonthego@gmail.com

  25. Devon, I like the everything in all the collections!


  26. Enjoy all the combinations you put together. Those wedges are to die for-like being on stilts. Blog looks great. I could use a bit of new jewelry!!

  27. i love the las vegas wrap bracelet!! sarah.passey@hotmail.com

  28. Devon ~ Love your blog! You look absolutely beautiful in everything you put on! You are a true FASHIONISTA! LOVE all the Swarovski crystal bling! Peggy ;)

  29. I love your dress!! There are so many pretty bracelets, but I like the Roadster Wrap Bracelets!

    Email: slovakc@gmail.com

  30. The New City Paris Peridot wrap bracelet is my favorite...love the color! Following you on twitter and obsessed with your style :)


  31. Hey Lovely lady, they're all really rocker cool, but the roadster wrap crystal is something I would love to wear day in and day out! P.S. Darling dress and clutch!

  32. LOVE the Westlake Silver Bracelet but my all time fav is the Napoli - Crystal on White bracelet. So gorgeous!

    p.s.-already a follower!

    Email: aftonkayla@yahoo.com

  33. I really like the roadster wrap bracelets because you could wear them anywhere! I also am now following your blog!

    Email: amygillard@yahoo.com

  34. Love all of them but really like the Glam Band Peach! Officially following your blog now.
    Email: alyssa.paskell@gmail.com

  35. It's super difficult to chose a favorite piece from the VSP Company by Vanessa Swarovski website. But the piece that stood out the most to me, was the Westlake - Silver Shade. That has to be my favorite! -Maria
    Email: maria_ssr@yahoo.com


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