Slim & Skimmer

February 21, 2013

Colored bottoms are a trend that's really stuck around in the fashion world. From season to season, the variations of colors and prints on these pretty pants have gotten better and better. Dare I even say: more and more versatile! 
Enter in The New Skimmer. Gap has perfected the colored pant in the length of the season with these babies. Not to mention, they start at $69.95-- what a steal! And you know the quality will be fantastic, considering the source ;)
Now you may think I'm crazy for believing colored bottoms are versatile. Prepare to be served, my friends.

 | Top: J. Crew | Pants: Gap Women's Skimmer c/o | Belt: H&M | Heels: Pink & Pepper |
 | Top: Urban Outfitters | Jacket: Target | Pants: Gap Women's Skimmer c/o | Bag: Lauren Merkin c/o | Sunglasses: Ray Ban |
| Top: Equipment | Jacket: Bebe | Heels: ShoeDazzle c/o | Bag: Balenciaga | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Forever 21| Pants: Gap c/o |
| Tee: Victoria's Secret | Blazer: Bebe | Heels: ShoeDazzle c/o | Pants: Gap Women's Skimmer c/o | Bag: Louis Vuitton |
| Sweater: Joie | Pants: Gap Women's Skimmer c/o | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Bag: Lauren Merkin c/o | Booties: Old Navy | 

I rest my case.



  1. I love colored jeans & I have invested in a few pieces during the summer but winter also... I can't wait to add a yellow pair of pants or some other color that will pop up my style... All the combinations you made are great & prove that a colored pair of jeans can be versatile & easy to wear...

    xo, Violeta

  2. you did my favorite for the skimmers of all the fashion bloggers i follow!

    LOVE all these looks!

  3. Love all these looks so much that it's hard to pick a favorite! Definitely going to check these out since they have so many different colors :)

  4. I completely agree! Colored pants are so versatile. Colored jeans and even leopard jeans are the new neutral!

  5. So many great looks! You are so stunning :)

  6. I can't pick my favourite look here, I adore them all!


    Five Minute Style 

  7. Ow, I love all of these adorable look. So pretty and beautiful. You pick a perfect color of the pants. Great Job.
    xo, Petra

  8. OMG OMG OMG!! I just bought these and I am sooo glad that you shared this because I was debating to return them!! What was I thinking?? You look amazing in ALL of them!!

  9. Coral is such a fab color on you! You must wear it more.

  10. All of your looks here are fabulous and I am especially enamored with the blazer in your date night outfit. I agree that coloured bottoms are super versatile and here to stay or awhile. They better be because my closet is stocked with more coloured bottoms than regular blue denim!


  11. Love very single look here, but especially the last two! Nice job styling these!

  12. You are killing it lately, Devon! I love all of these outfits, though the errand running & date night ones are my favorites on you! You look gorg! I've been wanting to try the Gap skimmers & this is amazing inspiration!

  13. loving these looks so much! newest follower!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  14. this length looks amazing on you!! these outfits are some of my favorite from you thus far.. love the skimmer & love your style. xoxo

  15. Lovely post! Date Night look was my favorite! Will have to find that Bebe blazer! XOXO

  16. Love all of the different ways you styled those pants!! Thanks for some great inspiration:)

  17. I love the skimmer on you! I kept seeing them on petite bloggers and was dying to know what they'd look like on someone my height so I'm so glad you did this feature. I'm definitely picking up a few colors now!

    Chelsea & The City

  18. I love all of these looks! Can't wait to pick up a pair of the Gap Skimmers!

    X Kenzie

  19. I can't even tell you how amazing the Work Function look is. I just got the floral pair of these skimmers and I think they are going to be versatile. I really appreciate posts like this to show people how to get the most from a piece!

  20. I love those pants! I just got a similar pair and I'm obsessed with them! Cute ways to style them, so spot on!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    Recent Post: Holographic Jeans

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