Petite & Tall: Q&A on Date Night, Bikinis & More!

July 17, 2013

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Today is the third part of our Q&A series and we're answering all of your hard hitting questions. From bikinis (eek!) to what do wear on a first date, Sydne and I have you covered, girl. 
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  1. Great video! I have the "shorts" problem too so thanks for the tips.

    XO Alex

  2. Devon. You are a babe and just like you I'm tall. I would love some of your tall girl tips. I always find it a challenge to find the perfect "tall girl" shoes to pair with my outfits. I love heels but on a day to day basis I feel really awkward wearing them...but flat shoes make my outfit less awesome and also make my feet look big. This is an on going challenge of mine...lately I have just been rocking converse with everything !!! What's your 411 on this... and do you manage?

    PS. I'm 5'10 ..

  3. Hey Sydne,

    I'd love to know specifically which bandeau at VC you love. I'm taller but a tad bustier on top and I find it nearly impossible to get a bandeau with support! Definitely trying to avoid "70's" boob...

  4. Hi Girls, I'm Alexia

    Where can I find the perfect boyfriend jeans at? I'm short and I wear a size 5/6 kind of curvy on the bottom so it's hard finding boyfriend jeans that fit looser...


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