How to Layer Necklaces

October 29, 2013

Many of you have asked where to get the necklaces I'm wearing above. What you may not know is that I could be wearing more than one necklace at any given moment. And in this case, I am! I've always been a fan of layering. It only takes a few simple layers to transform one piece into several outfits. How cool is that? Layering gives you the power to "rock what you got" and make the most of your wardrobe (I'm a fan of this). Take your layering to the next level with jewelry! It's easier than you think....

1. LONG LAYERS: Long layered necklace + Long pendant 
I'm especially into layering long necklaces at the moment. I start with a simple multi-strand necklace, one that is long enough to wrap around multiple times. There are so many great options at Nordstrom and Ann Taylor right now, by the way. This beginning piece will give you a clean slate and just the right amount of background detail for your second long statement piece. 
Next, I either pair a long pendant necklace like this chic piece from Ann Taylor or a shorter pendant like this lovely necklace from Bauble Bar.
2. SPIKE STATEMENT: Flower necklace (similar option here) + spike necklace (mine is old, this one is identical!). 
To create a version of this fun bib statement necklace, look for pieces that dangle. I like to start with spikes, they are a great option and really easy to find in stores/online. Whether you choose gold or silver is up to you, just make sure you pick something solid-- nothing too busy. Next, add a busy, more clustered statement necklace. I love the floral trend we're seeing in statement necklaces right now. This is my favorite option at the moment. I love the length this combination adds to the average statement necklace.
3. TRIANGLE PENDANT: Triangle necklace + Similar statement necklace here & here.
This combination of layering adds an amazing dimension to your necklace. Start by looking for collar pieces with flat detailing, like this one. Next, add a short pendant to the mix. This one should do the trick. Voila! You have a completely different necklace for free! Hollaaaaaaa!

I'm sure you'll have compliments on your "new necklace", so be sure to share the wealth with your friends! Are you a master of layering? How do you create your look? Tell me more!


  1. Love this! I haven't seen a necklace layering post before ... I'm gonna take your tips on board :)

    Laura xx

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  2. Great post! Layering necklaces is so the way to go, I love the combo with the spikes is so edgy and cool!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. You pull it off so well! I'll have to play around with my necklaces at home.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. Great tips and amazing post. Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a great day.
    xo, Petra

  5. Love love love! This post is Ah-mazing :) #likeOMG

    xo, Jess


  6. Awesome tips! Also love your hashtags, hehe.



  7. Love the necklaces.


  8. Love this post! I have never been great at layering necklaces and all of these are soo perfect!

  9. I'm all about layering necklaces and I love the different options you showed here - perfect!

  10. thanks for the tips - love all of your necklaces too! I need some new statement necklaces (J.Crew has one that I have my eye on!).

  11. Such a fun post. Thanks for the tips. xo Heidi

  12. Your hair looks amazing here! Did you use a different technique than your beachy waves tutorial? I have serious hair envy!

  13. Im all about the first one!

  14. I love the way you paired every single necklace here! Definitely need to get more adventurous with my necklaces.
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

  15. You layer everything perfectly and I love your tips here!

    Five Minute Style 

  16. The Long Layers and Spike Statement necklace layers are my faves! Such a great how-to, I love it when you share your styling expertise in tutorials like this.


  17. Great post! I love the layering and your jacket!


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