ILY Couture Statement Jewelry

January 20, 2014

My sweet friend Christine owns a really amazing online jewelry boutique, ILY Couture, and let me just tell you.. I'm not just a fan because I'm her friend! ILY Couture is one of my favorite places to score great costume jewelry and statement pieces for very reasonable prices. I highly suggest hitting it up! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces from ILY all around my home. Enjoy!

Talk about a statement necklace! Honey, this piece will take you from drab to FAB and it's not even heavy! Everyone needs a killer necklace. Everyone.

 I love a good arm party. This bracelet kills it. 

I changed up my dresser a bit... still in the process of finding a set up I love (for now, at least!)

 Chandler was so sweet to get me a lot of goodies from Anthropologie for Christmas. I love everything! 
Candle // Glasses // Pitcher // Bottle Opener all from Anthropologie

Talk about a sick arm party. I love this gold cuff-- it has the ability to completely elevate a casual look. Think about how amazing this cuff would look during summer! HEL-LOOOOO!

This is an older necklace from ILY and it's on sale here. ILY has SO many other fabulous necklaces-- you should check out!


  1. The purple glassware is blowing my mind! SOOOO pretty.

    xo Ashley

  2. Beautiful pieces! I'll definitely be checking this out!!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  3. Beautiful statement jewelry. Love the cuff.


  4. Oh my. Such beautiful jewelry! Love the first necklace.


  5. Ugh I want everything! What gorgeous pieces!!!

  6. So many beautiful pieces darling, thank you for sharing!

    Elizabeth x

  7. I love ILY Couture. I got a great bracelet from there last year and wear it all the time! this necklace is gorg.

    xo Natalie @

  8. Beautiful pieces! I love ILY Couture. I buy their stuff all the time! Love the home decor too!

  9. Gotta love some good statement jewelry! I love ILY Couture.

    Chelsea & The City

  10. Those are some amazing pieces!

  11. Loving the jewelry AND your dresser details!!


  12. i recently got terrible customer service from Ily. They do not have a contact # making avoiding returns almost too easy. im so glad this has not happened to you...


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