I'm Loveswept

January 23, 2014

Are you in love? Have you ever been in love? I’m talking about love of another person, your career, a specific time in your life. Isn’t the feeling so wonderful? I’m so excited to share a little romantic story today in the name of Philosophy’s newest fragrance, Loveswept.

I have two major love stories going on in my life at the moment. As you all know, almost 2 years ago I moved to Los Angeles for a career in fashion. I didn’t know a soul, I came alone and I had to leave the love of my life back in Texas. It was an extremely hard move and one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make. But I love fashion; I love styling and I love writing to you guys. I had to persevere for my career—and I did because I love it. At the same time, I was so distraught being away from Chandler. It was hard to go from seeing someone you love every day to twice a month (if we’re lucky). We somehow managed to make it work and are now engaged—so let me tell you, it’s doable. Our love for each other has only grown. I’m definitely ‘Loveswept’ in all ways possible.

You guys know I’m a huge fan of perfumes. I love to display the gorgeous bottles in my bathroom and bedroom. There is something about the way you feel once you’ve spritzed a favorite scent. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a new woman, a little more confident. It’s amazing how a fragrance can literally take you away to a different time with just one sniff. Loveswept definitely takes me away—to a loving, happy, magical place. The soft floral fragrance sparkles with energy and romance. It makes me think of a picnic with Chandler under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Ahhhh, how wonderful.

Not only does the fragrance smell so lively and romantic you could float away, the packaging is just as lovely—like a work of art! I’m all about product displays in my bathroom and vanity, so I’m instantly drawn to the fabulous and artistic product labels. Beyond the looks of Loveswept, the meaning behind the product stands strong. Loveswept is about happiness, love and getting swept off your feet again and again. It’s about living each day with passion. Whether you love your career, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, child; love is love.

Photography by: Jana Williams
Dress: Shoshanna // Jacket: Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Karen Walker // Bag: Chanel // Earrings: Bauble Bar // Heels: Zara //

Because Philosophy wants everyone to spread (and feel) the love, you can enter the ‘Spread The Love Sweepstakes’ and you could win prizes that will definitely sweep you off your feet. Ahem, I’m talking about 1 grand prize of a romantic getaway for 2 to Paris courtesy of Jetsetter! It includes a 4-night stay at the SofitelParis Arc de Triomphe, 2 airline tickets, airport transfers to and from the hotel and $1000 to spend. 10 runners up will receive a loveswept spray fragrance and 4 award-winning Philosophy faves! 20 luck winners will receive loveswept body lotion.

How do you enter? It’s simple!
·       Head over to Philosophy’s Facebook page and ‘like’, then click ‘enter sweepstakes’ and follow the directions from there. You could win amazing prizes, like the romantic Paris getaway!

You’ll be spreading the love by sending a love note on Facebook or by hashtagging #loveswept on Twitter or Instagram. Now go ahead, feel the love and be swept away!


  1. This is such a beautiful post. The photos are so romantic and so are you stories, I'm glad you and your fiance were able to make long distance work for you :)

  2. Loved reading this and you look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! Also, I'm pretty sure I need those pink polka dot pencils haha!

  3. You're incredibly beautiful and feminine!


  4. I'm absolutely in love with this post: the photos are so so beautiful, and the idea behind this fragrance is so sweet, romantic and charming!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  5. you are looking even more gorgeous than usual in this post Devon! miss you!

  6. Ow that post is so beautiful and pretty. Your love story is amazing and I love your pretty and romantical outfit. Wonderful dress.
    xo, Petra


  7. Such a beautiful post Devon! It's so evident you're so happy in love. Blessings, xo

  8. Great pictures and you look beautiful!

  9. Great photo shoot. Love the ideas. Can't wait to smell it.



  10. Gorgeous photos! You look very pretty.
    Adela x


  11. These pictures are seriously beautiful of you! Love the outfit with the blue earrings! So gorg!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  12. Devon, you look even more gorgeous than usual! I absolutely love your hair and makeup in this shoot. And I loved hearing a little more of your personal love story!


  13. So awesome and true.. it is doable.. my husband and I dated for 2 years long distance... seeing each other about every other month...it was hard but totally worth it.. and now we've been married just shy of 4.5 years! It gets better and better... love this post..

  14. Everything about this post is so so well done! So happy to hear about you and your loves.

    xo Adri

  15. I absolutely love this - I'm definitely a sucker for love :) I'm newly engaged and so happy! Love your story!


  16. AMAZING prize! Wow I would love to win any of the above. What a fantastic giveaway!


  17. You look lovely, such a pretty post. barbara-geroge.com.au

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  19. Beautiful post about Loveswept. Such a beautiful love story with your career and your now fiance. Congrats on this wonderful opportunity to work with Philosophy and on planning a wedding :)
    the way to my Hart

  20. These photos are amazing!! So romantic... I love them!!

  21. oh my goodness, you are the most precious human being! you look gorg!!

  22. Lovely pics! Have a great weekend!

  23. This pink coat is so pretty on you Devon. I love these ladylike retro shots!

    Chelsea & The City

  24. I have to say this was one of my favorite looks you've ever done!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! It's so cute how you talk about Chandler :)


  25. So sweet Devon.

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

    Visit my on camera style series -----> Séchoir

  26. Love this post! There's nothing like being in love!

    Brittany x

  27. These photos are beautiful Devon and your smile in every post shows how much you love life!

    Five Minute Style 

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