Devon Rachel's 3rd Annual Christmas Decor Post!

December 16, 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Holiday season. Every year I do a post about the Christmas decor around my home, you can check out my previous years here and here . I've been waiting to share this with you and I'm beyond thrilled. I want to also tell you that I had to decorate my temporary Texas apartment, so let's just say it took a lot of time because the apartment is barely close to being finished! Whew, we made it happen by the hair of our chinny chin chins last week so I hope you love it. I wish I was at home in Texas getting to enjoy this! 

I decided to go with a more Rustic Chic vibe this year. We found our new (fake) tree at Home Depot this year and I really love how lifelike it feels. We added touches of snow and gold, silver, white, etc. colored ornaments.

For a fun Holiday touch, grab your favorite cake stand and place something pretty inside. I chose to spray paint some pinecones and throw them inside. It really creates a gorgeous view!

How cute is my little guy? I found him at a small boutique in Mckinney, Texas this year and I know he will be used for years to come.

Naturally, my sweet girl had to make an appearance! 

Get this, ya'll. Chandler and I went thrifting and hunting for home products a few weeks ago, and we came home with a new amazing gold bar cart for $40! It's so great. It is pictured in the first photo of the post above. I still have yet to decorate it how I really want it, but I'm super in love!

For a fun rustic touch, I made Chandler give me this deer skull / antlers that we typically display elsewhere to use for the tree topper! We just tied it together with some wire and I was so happy with the result. I wanted something different and unlike everyone else's tree toppers, and we definitely achieved that one. Haha!

Here's a little close up on my bar cart. A cute vintage Santa and some bubbly, naturally.

all photos by: Erica Sledge Photography

I saved the little foo foos ( what we call them) and stir sticks from our wedding and I've been using them as display. We have SO many extras, so it wouldn't hurt to use one or two, but I've forbidden anyone from using too many of them. It's something I want to save and remember from our wedding forever!

Well, folks, I hope you loved everything! Stay tuned this week for my fun Holiday tablescape and my Office tree! It's going to be exciting. :) 


  1. Love it all! You have such a great eye! Love all your unique touches.

  2. Love this!! Your kitty is absolutely adorable...

    xo Ash,
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. Love love you decor, it's so festive and chic! And your cat is adorable! :)



  4. Always love your decor posts, and this one is no exception! Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

    Heidi D.

  5. Your tree looks beautiful, love your decorating style!

    xo Rachael

  6. Such beautiful photos!

  7. Super cute! Love having all my Christmas decor out right now. Something magical about the twinkling lights.

  8. What absolutely gorgeous decorations!! Beautiful.


    La Joie de Vivre

  9. perfection! Loving the photos - the home looks great!

  10. So chic, yet so festive! Hope you're having a great holiday season, Devon! :) Xo, Alison

  11. Seriously gorgeous! So festive and chic. And that bar car...what a find!

  12. One thing after another!
    gold pinecones in a cake stand - will be trying to replicate, please and thank you
    gold barcart for $40!! beyond jealous, great find!!
    and that deer skull is so freaking cool. i didn't notice it in the first image, it just fits in so well -- and is that a fur tree skirt of some kind? too stinkin' cute.
    merry christmas in a week!

  13. I love decorating for the holidays! Love what you've done!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  14. Oh my, it is SO precious! Your kitty is so darling too :) I feel like decorating for the holidays scratches that itch that I get to redecorate the house, haha!

    Beautyosaurus Lex 

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