Stella's Birthday with Fancy Feast

April 29, 2015

In honor of her recent birthday (April 26th) and Fancy Feasts new Broths, I wanted to share a bit about Stella’s wild personality and how I treated her to something extra special for her big 4th birthday! on....

Stella is one diva of a cat. If she’s not photo bombing my fashion blogger ‘lay out’ instagram photos, she’s sitting on the ‘enter’ key sending out ridiculous and unfinished emails to everyone I know. Anything and everything to get my attention! She stops at pretty much nothing. Getting to know Stella over the past 4 years has been one hilarious but awesome process – I’ve seen her take on quite the personality and a bit (heavy on the BIT) of a crazy side. She’s feisty and hisses one second, then she’ll rub her head against your legs the next. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions over here, but I love her for it.

One thing Stella loves is her food. Since she’s is so special to me and it’s her birthday April 26th, I started adding Fancy Feasts Broths (her favorite is Chicken) to her regular food for an extra ‘wow’ to her average bowl. With real, recognizable ingredients behind every Fancy Feast Broths recipe, Stella has licked each bowl clean. It’s so fun to celebrate her birthday and give her a treat that I know she loves. She even recognizes the pouches now! There are so many #WaysToWow your own cat and give her a special treat. Try adding the Fancy Feast Broths to their food and treat them with something purrrfect!

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  1. so cute photos!

  2. Aww how cute, my cat Hermione has a very similar personality. It must be the calico/tortoishell feist gene.

  3. My cat does the same thing, haha. Always wanting attention. Stella is adorable! I love the little spots on her face.

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