San Francisco Birthday Adventure

November 3, 2015

For my 26th birthday a few weeks back Chandler and I decided to drive up the coast to San Francisco in search of seasons and scenery (lol). In LA you can’t help but feel a little crazy when it’s 90 degrees in October. What is up with that? This girl lives for layers! Anyway, SF is so gorgeous and I forget how much I truly love being in Northern Cali until I get there. Every time we visit there’s a new neighborhood to discover and explore – we just love it.  Oh boy did we explore – walked all over that city and it felt amazing. I miss walking everywhere!

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I’ll start with our amazing stay at The Palace Hotel. As someone who is occasionally particular about hotels (sorry but I’m sometimes a snob about it!), I was incredibly impressed with everything from service to the sheets. The Palace is a place for classic luxury and service at it’s finest, making it a home away from home. We were so pleased! Highly recommend this hotel for your next SF stay, or even to just visit and view. The new renovations are killer and it seriously feels like you are staying in a luxurious fairytale estate. I couldn’t help but think of how gorgeous it would be for a wedding venue – so keep that in mind, ladies!

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Chanel prezzies are the best!

For my birthday I just wanted to wear cute layers (ha) so I was overjoyed to have fall weather during our visit. I lived in my new fall coats and leather leggings! My adorable deep green Amanda Uprichard coat was particularly perfect for the occasion and I was so happy to finally wear it. I freaking love fall!

The adorable birthday treat from the Palace SF! Thank you :)

Outfits- Green Coat (30% off + other amazing sales at Shopbop!) // Cashmere sweater // Plaid pants // Leather pants (similar affordable option)// YSL flats // UGG boots // 

We had such a blast taking in the cute scenery + taking a break from LA and the stress. I’d highly recommend a trip to SF – there are so many beautiful things to discover. Flower shops on every corner, amazing food to shovel in your mouth and more. Chandler and I left the city telling each other that we could definitely see ourselves living there one day.

Stay tuned for more from our trip! :)


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like it was completely unforgettable! I want to know what was inside the Chanel bag!!!

  2. Amazing photos..I LOVE SFO. I went to college near there, and miss it terribly, Happy Bday!

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  3. Very nice photos. These photos describes very well about her travel. Very nice post, thank you for sharing this decorative post.


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