Shirt Under Dress: 5 Ways To Wear The Trend

September 20, 2016

If you haven't noticed, over the past 6 months or so there have been a LOT of t-shirts tucked under dresses, silk camis, you name it. It's so Cher Horwitz chic and some people love it, some people hate it. I happen to love the trend, and will most likely be layering anything and everything over and under each other this fall. What I wanted to do today, however, is show you a couple other ways to style the trend.

photos by: Felicia Lasala

My outfit:
T-shirt | Dress | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Bag- Alexander Wang

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Here's the breakdown of the options pictured below >>

Option 1: This Sweater + This Dress
Option 2: This Blouse under this blazer top + jeans
Option 3: This basic long sleeved t shirt + A fabulous dress (wearing it again!)
Option 4: A Basic T-shirt + Cool Romper (worn previously here)


  1. Looking so cute!!! Love this new trend of wearing tee under a simple dress. :)

    1. Lovely! My fashion designing students will sure love this and love to apply this new trend as well as they can R & D on more such kind of latest trends which can be included in their university writing tasks with help of coursework writer

  2. Very often I find this combination ugly but this outfit is really great, love how you styled the trend!
    ♡ Kristina

  3. Definitely a nice layering trick for fall.

  4. I'm a huge fan of they-shirt under dress trend and I love how you styled this outfit! I'm looking forward to trying out some if your suggestions as well!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. Loving this trend. Thanks for the inspiration.



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