How To Transition Summer Clothes Into Fall: Just Add A Blazer

October 5, 2016

I feel like I should've titled this post, "Throw some Blazer's on It", because that's literally the easiest trick to transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. So that cutes strappy jumpsuit you wore ONCE on a date (and it was only to dinner and back, and you didn't take photos, so basically it was a waste -HA) can now be remixed in a number of ways for the coming season. Hence one of my favorite ways: adding a sleek blazer. 

If I were to add a white t-shirt under this combo, I would definitely wear to a professional work event (I understand that doesn't always fly everywhere - but this at least eliminates skin showing). Paired with a blazer, it's easy to imagine these dainty, delicate, sexy, strappy, and well, summery pieces earning a fresh start in a new season. Now, go find that piece you LOVE from spring/summer and throw a damn blazer on it already! :)

Photos by: Jordan Zobrist

Jumpsuit: Blessed Are The Meek (sold out, similar items here)| Blazer: Madewell | Shoes: boohoo | Bag: MCM c/o | Sunglasses: borrowed from my boo Jordan Zobrist


  1. Killer outfit top to bottom! This is such a fabulous jumpsuit!

  2. This jumpsuit is amazing!

  3. Love that blazer! How does it run?

  4. Love blazers and coats and jackets.

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