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  1. Hello! Id love to donate jewelry ir contribute in some way i love your website!!! Contact me asap!

  2. Hey Devon, how are you? I have been loving your site and can not believe how far its come since our days at indigenous. I have recently opened a vintage store on Etsy and would love to collaborate with devonrachel. I have a thought, I could send you something you like and then we could do a devonrachel15 coupon code with the store and all your readers could get 15% off for the next month? or I am completely open to ideas... I really am just trying to find ways to get my store out there!
    Let me know if you want to partner up or have any tips for a new store!!
    Thanks so much cutie!
    Blair Isom

    My shop is ModVC at etsy -- you can go to and enter Modvc or you enter this link in your browser

  3. Love your site. Your style is amazing!

  4. Hi Devon!! I am inviting you and your readers/fans to check out


    Haute Glam Boutique

  5. Hey Devon!

    Where can I purchase one of Leah's "the way you are" tees?

    Thanks for your help,

  6. Dear Devon,

    Totally love what you do...your website, pictures and style are fabulous. Dropped you a line as I would love to work with you.



  7. Hi I love your style for decorating and how you add color! I was wondering a cool way to organize but display my makeup on my bureau in my room? Thanks!


  8. Hi, Devon!

    I would love to see you in our clothes on your instagram profile or other blogs. How can I send you promo clothing? Would be glad to hear back from you.

    Best regards,
    Galina Gamzyakova
    IG: @MalinaTrend

  9. Hi Devon!

    I was wondering how you got started? I'm insanely interested in fashion, design, events and crafts but I really don't know what the next step is. I'd appreciate any help!

    Dana Wilson

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  11. Hi Devon,

    First of all LOVE the name. My name is Tevan :)

    And second.... I am desperately in love with the grey and white plaid jacket you posted on pinterest a few minutes ago! Please please tell me where I can buy this!! I am IN LOVE!! Here is a picture just in case!!


  12. Hi Devon,

    Shout out from Frisco, TX where we used to at Nordstrom together ;) haha!! I just thought I'd share with you that I started selling Younique cosmetics! Have you heard about it yet? The star product is the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I fell in love after first use and it's so simple to use! All you do is pair it with your current favorite mascara. I would love to be able to send you a sample for consideration. I will shoot you an email as well...take care!
    My email -

    Thank you!

    Tiffany Cox
    Younique Presenter
    My website -

  13. Hi Devon,
    Love your Blog, Coming to LA with 2 girl friends and was wondering if you can suggest any cool places to go and some great restaurants. We are staying in Santa Monica but will have a car. Looks like you know La pretty well. Would love any help you can give.

    Thanks so much,


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