Yosi Samra: The Best Flats Ever

 My flats: Yosi Samra Erica
When it comes to shoes, a girl loves her heels but secretly loves her cute flats even more. Flats can be just as chic as pumps. Am I right or am I right?
From my personal experience, Yosi Samra flats have saved my feet! As you all know I’m a stylist and constantly on the go. I want comfort in my shoes, but they also have to be chic. I don’t do boring footwear. Who does? Yosi makes the most amazingly comfortable and bleeping cute flats. If you haven’t tried out a pair… I’d highly recommend them. With boatloads of options, you’re sure to find your next everyday flat.
Because comfort can be cute! I’ll cheers to that! Thanks, Yosi Samra.

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  1. I totally agree Devon!! When I am in the city and have to walk flats are aways the chic and comfy way to go! Loving yours! They have such a nice edge to them. Loving your outfit too! xo

  2. Flat are cute, but throw on a pair of heels and you instantly look more chic. These flats just might have changed my philosophy!! Love. Them. All.


  3. You're lucky – you're tall so you can wear cute flats with chic looks. If I wore flats with as good as an outfit as this one, I would look like a school girl. Your combination of the prints on the blazer and blouse is fantastic. The colors compliment each other perfectly and the green ties it all together.


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