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When we were leaving the DFW airport for our honeymoon a few weeks ago, I spotted this amazing Godsend in the form of a Benefit Cosmetics dispenser machine. I needed a few things and it was so easy to just push the buttons, pay, and BAM I got my makeup. Gosh, if only everything were that easy. Anyway, a few girls saw my excitement (how embarrassing) and began to ask me about Benefit. Do I like this, how does that work, etc. Well, I’ve always been the girl to gush over my experience with products (hence why I’m here) so I gave my two (or three) sense per usual. The girl said something back to me that made me both laugh and think to myself.

She said (while laughing a little) “do you work for Benefit or something? Am I really going to like this?” and I was a little shocked.
I’m thinking (sarcastically), “Well, no. I’m just some weird girl who enjoys sharing her opinion because it makes her feel good”. Oh, that’s not super nerdy and weird or anything. This got me thinking about beauty products. I don’t know why I haven’t focused more on beauty. I love makeup and products! I always have. So here it goes. I’m going to discuss some of my favorite products right now (and why they are top notch). 
Pictured Above: Armani foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit, Hoola, Fake Up, The Pore Fessional, and MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot.
(Clare Vivier bag, Unite leave in conditioner, Moroccan Oil treatment, EOS Shave Cream, Brush Cleaner (daily),Moroccan Oil Styling cream, Wet To Dry brush)
UNITE 7 Seconds Condition: This detangler + leave in conditioner is my secret weapon for healthy hair. I add a few sprays to towel dried hair before brushing and drying. There is a significant difference in my hair when I use.
EOS Shave Cream: Okay. I discovered this amazing shaving cream a year or so ago and will never use another. I have never felt such a moisturizing, soft cream. I had issues with spray tans last year and in an effort to make sure my skin was 100% moisturized, I tried the EOS cream. The difference in your skin after using the shaving cream is ridiculous. Seriously, though. I’ll never switch. Legs. So. Soft.
The Wet Brush: Is it just me, or can it be so hard to brush those tangles out after the shower? I’ve seen this brush at different stores, Target and Ulta for sure. It is a miracle to my wet hair. The brush has the most soft and amazing bristles that are meant for wet hair and actually help the hair dry. It will not damage or cause breakage either! Definitely a must have. 

I wanted to find some fun, good brushes and I hit the jackpot at Sephora! How cute are these ombre brushes? Oh, and I curl my lashes. I can’t find these online, but these are my second favorite because they are amazing.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.5: I started using this foundation a few years back after a friend recommended. I think I had the wrong color/texture then, because it was making me feel too matte, thick, and seemed off in color. Now, I use a different formula and color. I absolutely love the finish, the medium-full yet lightweight coverage and the coloring. It is a little pricey but I highly recommend this. I’ve tried so many foundations!
MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot: I’ve had a routine of prepping my eyes pre-shaddow for as long as I can remember. I have tried other products, but I always go back to MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study. The color blends with everything and can even act as your highlight color if used correctly!
Benefit Fake Up: I recently started using this product and I’m pretty impressed. It minimizes the under eye crease we all get after a long day with concealer and moisturizes at the same time. I put it with another benefit concealer, Boing.
Benefit Hoola: Okay, ya’ll. I swear I started using Hoola when Benefit first came out back in the day. I like to switch up all of my favorite products, so I use different bronzers to change things up. I have come to realize how important it is to find a bronzer that has less orange and more brown ever since I started contouring my face. It just makes you look more natural. I always go back to Hoola. It is the perfect color and is easily layerable. 

Algenist Genius Cream: I have been using a sample from Sephora and realized I actually had a pot of this Algenist Genius cream in my product collection. I clearly need to organize my product collection. But that’s for a different post! I really, really love this Anti-Aging cream. I can see a difference in fine lines 100%.

Voluspa Suede Blanc: My mom and I fell in love with the smell of this Voluspa spray. A must for any home!

Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex: I just started using this Skin Medica cream and so far I love it. I’ll have to keep you updated long term!

Philosophy Miracle Worker: I continue to use Miracle Worker because it’s that good. I consistently see a difference in my skin and eyes. I use twice every day!

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  1. The benefit dispenser is seriously a godsend. I can think of few things I need more than Highbeam highlighter, a tube of Fakeup moisturizing concealer, and some benetint to brighten my lips and cheeks!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. A Benefit vending machine!?!?!? WHAT!!! That's awesome.

    Love how your 'nerdy' and 'weird' obsession makes me feel normal! Haha, I like sharing too, it's nice to help people and make them feel good!!! Cute way to put it, Devon.

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