Nip & Tuck

Dress: T.C. Ellis
Blazer: Audrey
Shoes: DSW
Bag: Francescas
Jewelry: Michael Kors, David Yurman

Hello darlings! Today my topic of choice is how to dress to make yourself look thinner. I know we all try to lose a few pounds here and there, but you should know it is easily done with clothes! No, I don’t mean clothes so tight that you lose an inch. I’m talking waist bands, ruffles and black tights. The black waist band on my dress today cinches the my waist the dress floats away from my trouble area. This effect can happen with a belt also. A high waisted, thin or medium belt will do WONDERS to your body, ladies! Another slimming part of my dress is the long ruffles on the front. This type of ruffle draws attention away from a tummy. If you are well endowed (unlike myself) ruffles aren’t always a great option, and often draw too much attention to that area. For you lucky girls, I suggest a scoop neck blouse or slight V neck. This will make your torso appear longer and leaner. Lastly: black tights. If you find a good and comfortable pair of black tights, you are set. These help to elongate your legs and slim them because, well, its black! This goes for all other dark grays as well. Now go strut your stuff with your hot bods!

Have a fashionable day!


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