Olay New Clay Stick Masks: Gamechanger

You guys know I am all about masks- especially for the face. It is truly amazing what a consistent masking routine will do for your skin. But I will say, even though I am highly obsessed, masking can get a little messy sometimes. Enter this genius product by Olay: Clay Stick Masks. Um, hello… This. Is. A.  Game. Changer.

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Midi Skirts All Day: Why I love Them For Fall/Winter

As someone who’s always loved the unexpected stylish mixture of a dressier piece with something more casual, I honestly can’t get enough of the mid length skirt trend (my favorite way to pair is with sneakers). I have to admit, it can be a difficult trend to make work IRL and I’ve received a lot of questions about it from you guys. I get it- been there. Considering the trend is so here to stay for fall/winter (and even more fun to style), I decided to help a…

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Top 12 Hair Masks & Why I Love Them

  I have to admit, I’m a little psycho with my hair. As a blonde, you kind of have to be (so I’ve learned, more on that in a different post soon). I am strict with the shampoo/conditioner/blonde treatment/mask routine every week and I try to switch up masks ever so often. The truth is, whether you color your hair or not,  you need to be masking. And honestly once you start, your hair will feel so amazing that you wont be able to stop. It’s essential.…

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