Top 12 Hair Masks & Why I Love Them

  I have to admit, I’m a little psycho with my hair. As a blonde, you kind of have to be (so I’ve learned, more on that in a different post soon). I am strict with the shampoo/conditioner/blonde treatment/mask routine every week and I try to switch up masks ever so often. The truth is, whether you color your hair or not,  you need to be masking. And honestly once you start, your hair will feel so amazing that you wont be able to stop. It’s essential.…

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Best Sales of The Moment

    There comes a point in every season when everything in stores is blah and typically everyone’s overall ‘inspiration tank’ is low. Am I right? Well, this is my favorite time to score on major sales from the current season. A little pick me up perk, if you will. Right now there are a ton of great sales to take advantage of. Here are my top 8 best sales of the moment. Hurry! PS: Also featuring photos from Barcelona! More on that later in the week…

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5 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Home For 2018

  I love finding new ways to revamp our home. I especially love when this can be done with items I already have or can find easily. Chandler loves when these new, easy ways are inexpensive (or free) – haha –I’m sure you can relate. With that said, I thought I would share a few tips that won’t break the bank, because I get that we all can’t run and buy 5 new pillows, furniture or renovate every time we feel the need for a change.

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