Your Fashion Lifesaver: Trunk Club

  You guys! Spring is here and Summer is creeping around the corner, so it’s time to let those legs see the light of day and talk about what we’re going to wear. Guess what? This process has never been easier. Enter Trunk Club: a personal shopping service with an even more personal stylist who picks out head to toe looks in whatever your heart desires and sends it to your door step, (best part is no cost to you!) I worked with my amazing stylist and personal…

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Top 12 Hair Masks & Why I Love Them

  I have to admit, I’m a little psycho with my hair. As a blonde, you kind of have to be (so I’ve learned, more on that in a different post soon). I am strict with the shampoo/conditioner/blonde treatment/mask routine every week and I try to switch up masks ever so often. The truth is, whether you color your hair or not,  you need to be masking. And honestly once you start, your hair will feel so amazing that you wont be able to stop. It’s essential.…

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Flashback Friday in Paris

Happy Flashback Friday Babes! More Paris photos coming your way. In this addition, I wanted to share how I rework my spring/summer tops for fall/winter. It can be done! All you need is a button down shirt or long sleeve tee. 🙂 Read on for more about my trip + the outfit!

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