Ruffles Galore

Blazer: Vintage
Blouse: NY& Company
Skirt: Gap
Shoes & Socks: Target
Purse: Sam Moon
Jewelry: Michael Kors, Forever 21, Max&Chloe, David Yurman, Vintage

Hey there! After joining the Independent Fashion Bloggers site, which I am totally pumped about, I read an article about taking your own pictures. It has been difficult to fit taking my pictures into everyone’s schedule, so I was ecstatic when I read of the bloggers out there creating fabulous pictures on their own. I often wish there were two of me, one to take the pictures and one to wear the outfit. I no longer have to dream- I am now a proud owner of a tripod! I took my own pictures today to try it out and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it really was. If you are a blogger out there with busy friends, I highly suggest investing in one of these babies. It will only set you back around 30$! Scoooore!

Have a fashionable day 🙂

xox, Devon

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  1. Congratulations on taking your own photos! I'm lucky enough to be married to a photographer, and I can't imagine how on earth I would run my blog otherwise 🙂 Love the combination of turquoise and pink- the contrast is gorgeous.

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