TechStyle Fashion Show

I was so excited to have the opportunity to contribute/participate in my best friend’s (and budding fashion designer) senior fashion show. These talented ladies have spent all 4 of their college years designing and making fabulous garments that, in my opinion, could walk the runway in New York or LA any day. My best friend, Miss Lauren McGraw, asked me to help with the styling, but I also got the chance to strut my stuff down the runway in two of the other designer’s amazing pieces. I had such a great time with the other models and designers that I couldn’t help but take a few behind the scenes pics for my readers! It was truly an honor to wear the clothes designed by Miss Leone Islam and Miss Meagan Thomason and to be amongst young ladies that honestly live for fashion. It was a night to remember and not to mention a complete blast! Thanks to all of the senior class of Texas Tech ADM for being so talented, putting on an amazing show….. and including me in the process 🙂
And the pics begin…
Mckenzie in Lauren Hogan, me in Meagan Thomason
Leone’s little sister in Leone Islam
(Designer: Jacquelyn Luevano)
The crazyness backstage
(Designer: Amanda Sharbutt)
(Designer: Amanda Sharbutt
(Me in Leone Islam)
getting our hair/makeup done
McKenzie’s amazeballs hair!
Designer: Holly Mee
Designer: Erica Medrano
(Designer: Lauren McGraw)
 (Designer: Lauren McGraw)
(Designer: Lauren McGraw)
Have a fashionable day.
xox, Dev

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  1. Oh dear, tnx for sharing these pictuers with us, they're so inspiring! Love the two looks on the first pic! You look awesome!

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