What’s In Your Bag?

Bag: Gucci

I’ve always found it interesting when women reveal what they carry in their purse. I guess it comes from my fascination with learning new tricks and ways to do things. Especially from all of the people I admire! Anywho, here’s what I keep in my “bag of tricks”. And trust me, I know I carry way too much. It just means I’m always prepared, right? Ha!

First thing’s first: I obviously always carry my wallet [Fendi], that I desperately need to clean out. Another must have is Extra Strength Tylenol, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer (because it smells SO much better than your average kind) and my contact case. Equally as important is my Sony digital camera, inspiration journal and Nook. Rayban sunnies and my Chanel specs stay put in my bag, too. 
As far as make-up goes, I don’t carry as much as most women. I only carry my Mac Studio Fix powder, Dermalogica cover up, Mac Kohl eye liner and Smashbox lip gloss. Touch ups are all I have the patience for- haha! Oh and I always always always carry some kind of perfume. Today I have Gucci Guilty, my newest purchase. To top it off, because I can’t stand gum, I carry Ice Breakers mints.
What do you carry in your purse? 
have a fashionable day.
xo, Devon

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  1. So funny! All us "chain gangers" should peek in one another' bag. You'd find mine scary! Makeup, wallet and camera, check! All else is a mystery weighing a brick! 😉

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