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Hello there dolls! I am terribly excited to announce my next giveaway (a little late due to stupid finals and packing) for December– Pure Essentia!! Lia is a BEYOND amazing jewelry designer who incorporates the most vibrant and exciting colors in her work. You can definitely compare her collar-ish necklaces to that of couture and runway style. They are over the top, exaggerated and therefore (obviously) a A+ in my book. More is more, sweeties. 

Because I am so in love with her pieces, I had to share this giveaway and interview with you all! One lucky reader will win the Star Series bracelet pictured, but that isn’t the best part! Lia is going to make this bracelet customized specially for the winner! So basically, you get to pick out whatever colors your little heart desires. And trust me– you will not be disappointed. Here are a few of my personal faves from her shop. Check it out! 

All you have to do to enter is:
1) Follow me on Blogger over there on the right of my page.** directions below if you don’t know!
2) Leave a comment on here telling us what your favorite piece is from Pure Essentia & “like” her Facebook Page.
3) Make sure to leave your email in the comment!
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The winner will be chosen via random.org on December 22nd at 5:00pm CST and announced here! Good luck!

1) How long have you had your shop, Pure Essentia?

I opened PureEssentia last year, but only started to list some items late April 2011. Until then, i really had no time! I’m always wishing for 48hours days!

2) What do you look for in a piece for your shop (in creating or buying the piece)?

Well, most all, i always have something unique in my mind…I do my best to offer original items, or even some classic ones – as the friendship bracelets that exist like forever! – but with a special twist of my own, so that people can actually identify my work. oh, and i never ever forget details…i think they are the most important thing when i’m creating..Only details can make the difference. 

3) What inspires you to do what you do?

To be honest?Literally, everything! I always carry a sketch book with me because sometimes, out of the blue, a new idea pops up and i have to write/draw it down…I’m inspired by the glamour of the golden years, by the modern boho chic feeling that we see and “smell” on the streets, by the one of a kind women from days gone by, by music ( i love to create listening to jazz!)…well, i’m inspired by life!

4) I love the vibrant colors you use in your pieces as well as their couture-like feel. Was there a particular reason you created them this way? 

Of course! It’s quite simple, actually..when i go shopping, i’m always so picky!I spend hours (on the rare occasions that i do have them) looking for THAT special piece and many times i come home with empty hands because i didn’t find anything that suits my taste..so i decided to do my best to try to reach perfection..and that’s what i demand from myself. So when i create, i always keep in mind three things: details, glamour and perfection. I only sell the items that i want to keep to myself.

5) Which piece is your favorite from your collection and why?

humm…that one is tricky…it’s very hard to choose a single piece..But i must say that i’m in love with the recent PURESSE Line and the neon/pastel jewelry…

PS: The winner from last week’s giveaway is Sara Stolfa! 

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  1. hey dev!!!!!!!!! saw your new give away! sooooooo pretty (Pure Essentia Givaway ) love your blog!! love you!

  2. Hey Dev! Love this give away! SO cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet (star series)

  3. These are all so cute! I love the wide rhinestone friendship bracelet!!

    PS love your blog!

  4. Dev! I am obsessed with her pieces- I love all the neon vintage rhinestone necklaces, they are STUNNING! Of course I am loving everything else too, I liked her page and hope I get a chance to win the awesome bracelet (it would have a good home with me, I promise)

    <3 <3 <3

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