JewelMint Exclusive Discount Code!

Do you ever wish you could have your own personal jewelry
stylist who would cater to your style and bring you pieces to chose from each
month? Or perhaps you are sick of paying oodles of money for costume-like jewelry
that often breaks after a few wears. Consider me your guardian angel. Let me
introduce you guys to Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter’s unique jewelry site,

This new way of shopping allows you to take a simple style profiling quiz to narrow down the pieces for sale that actually reflect your
own personal look. In other words, your jewelry box each month will only have
the products that you love. Man, why
didn’t I think of that?
Now let me tell you about the price! Each necklace,
bracelet, ring or earring is only $29.99! Yes- every. single. one. Lucky for
you, I have an exclusive code courtesy of the Dallas MBA (Mint Brand Ambassadors) Team that’ll get you 50% off your first purchase by entering
dal200 at checkout (that’s daL with an L not a 1)! In case you haven’t already done the math, that’s $15 for amazing jewelry. Ahhh…music to my ears. 
And if you aren’t sold yet, here are some of my favorite
picks from JewelMint that I’m sure you’ll obsess over. Try to contain the
So what are you waiting for? A deal like this doesn’t come around every day! Head here to get started 🙂 

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  1. Hi Devon! I love your blog! I know this sounds weird, but do you spray tan? It's so hard to tell and being a girl who is white as a ghost..I'd love to get the one you have cause it looks so real. I'm sorry if you don't – I love your skintone!

    By the way – you're beautiful! & I am dying to get a michael kors watch lol! looks so great with everything you wear.

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