Biker Stripes

(Sweater- Old Navy (similar adorable option), Skirt- Forever 21, Necklace- Sam Moon, Bag- ASOS, Heels- Macy’s, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelets- c/o Bfrend, Forever 21, ASOS, David Yurman)
My boyfriend’s initial reaction to this outfit was “oh heey Grease lightning!” I originally thought this assumption made absolutely no sense, but then I started to analyze it (go figure– me over analyzing). I have to admit… the mixture of a “T-Bird” skirt and a “Pink Ladies” cotton striped sweater does actually resemble the textures worn in that time period. Bravo, boyfriend! I feel like a proud teacher right now.
Then I came back from my little day dream and realized he’s a boy… and these “fashion analyzing” skills I thought he possessed for .2 seconds were just me wishing he did. Oh well, thats why I have you guys to discuss fashion with! Good thing.
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  1. I can always count on the men in my life to give me an unexpected and entertaining reaction to my outfits. I love the skirt, the shape is so chic! Hope your week is going well!

  2. hahah oh guys and fashion… it's sweet that they try ; )

    I tried that skirt on in F21 and I swear I am so darn short it may as well have been down to my ankles. I officially hate you for being able to rock it

    kidding : )


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