Spring Layering

Bow-tie blouse: Anne Klein (very similar); Tank: (old) Indigenous Imports; Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar); Bag: Chanel; Sunglasses: Versace; Shoes: Bamboo via Urbanog (VERY similar); Jewelry: ASOS, David Yurman, c/o Bfrend, c/o Derng Party Couture
I hate the days when I find myself staring at my closet, completely un-inspired, convincing myself that I need to go shopping because there couldn’t possibly be anything in there worth wearing. It’s really dangerous. When this happens, I have to step away from the closet and come back to it later. I usually return a little more inspired and am able to pick something out. 
With this outfit, I became inspired before I gave up the first time. I tend to vision outfits in my head (where they look simply fantastic) and sometimes they look as I planned once I try them on– other times, they look like a hot mess. This tank/bow-tie blouse combo had me on the fence. I’m a huge fan of layering and making the most of your wardrobe, so I had to give the combo a try. The result? In my opinion,  pairing a silk tank over an average bow-tie blouse creates the illusion of a completely new blouse. Hell-ooo… music to my ears! What do you guys think?
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  1. i'm always thinking i have great outfits in my head and it never looks like i pictured. however all your outfits are so stylish. you are just lovely and now I have to follow you to keep inspired!

  2. The layering of your vest over the blouse is incredible! I never would have thought they were two pieces until I read your post. I've also had those moments when I finally wear the outfit I imagined and it isn't as cute as envisioned. It's always nice when an outfit you put together in your head turns out as nicely as you think they will 🙂


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