California Dreamin’

(By the way, this is my childhood great friend, Allie! We haven’t seen each other since we were 5. Reunited at last! Our mothers have been friends for years and finally got us together again.)
| H&M tank | Forever 21 skirt | JCP Vest | Louis Vuitton bag | Ray Ban sunnies | Steve Madden sandals | Michael Kors watch | bracelets c/o Ettika | Ring c/o Social Experiment | Cross necklace c/o Jennifer Zeuner jewelry |
As you all know, I’ve gotten the opportunity to visit the great state of California this week! We’ll be visiting some long time friends for the first half in San Jose, then making our way to the city of San Francisco for the second half of our trip! And listen here people, I am on a major mission this trip.
My mission, you ask? Find a graduation dress. Yes, I know the big day is less than 2 weeks away and you’re probably thinking: she is crazy for not already having an option! I tell myself the same thing. But let me also tell you that when my lovely mother informed me of our trip to Cali right before graduation, my continuous shopping for this dress happily came to an abrupt stop. I don’t think I need to explain myself any further. But just in case, obviously San Fran is the perfect place to find amazing pieces, duh! So here we are. I’ve got 1 week to find the perfect dress. And I need your help! I’ll be posting pictures on instagram and twitter, so help me decide 🙂
Every time I visit this sunny state, I seem to morph into this laid back version of myself, which is totally rare. This look totally embodies this change in attitude. My suitcase (of 15 outfits I must say–yes I planned that many) is packed to the brim with long flowing maxi dresses and skirts as well as sandals and shades! Over the course of this week, I decided to bring you guys real time (well, daily) updates on my outfits, what we’re doing, and anything else that comes to mind. With that said, I am also trying to relax, so the posts may be a littttttle short. Make sure to follow me on twitter (@devrachel) and instagram (@devonrachel) for a reeeeal time update! 🙂
Don’t mind me, I’ll just be California Dreamin’!

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  1. Devon! I can't believe how far your blog has come, and how freaking adorable you look in all your posts! The photography is perfection, and your looks are killer. Can't wait for our next Chain Gang Vintage Swap.

    With love,

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

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