Guest Post: Shoes!

Introducing a guest post about everyone’s favorite topic….. shoes!

If you want
to step out in style this spring, you’ll have to do it with flair. One glance
at today’s shoe racks, and you’ll see bright and bold colors dominate the
scene. Need to jazz up that little black dress? Your stodgy work suits putting
you to sleep? Bright blue platforms from the likes of Charlotte Olympia or
red-hot pumps from Acne will stop traffic.
opening a box of brightly colored crayons as a child, shoe shopping this season
is bound to be an inspiring experience. A mixture of fabrics and colors in a
single pump may resemble a work of art in sandals on the runway today. Some are
embellished with a small flower or bow on front, others have soles lined with a
bright, complimentary color. You will easily find coral and turquoise paired
together, or in other instances, orange, yellow and pink come together. While
tan is always in fashion, right now it’s buddying up with greens, blues and fluorescents
to make a splash.
platform sandals are making their presence known this spring, you can still aim
high or low; everything from Giuseppe Zanotti 15.5cm pumps to Salvatore Ferragamo suede flats are in style. If you’re aiming high, wedge heels have
made a comeback, but are willing to share the stage with stilettos.
To add
that extra spring to your step, look for floral patterned footwear from
designers like Nicholas Kirkwood. For those that would like to stick to
metallics, fear not, you still have a wide array of shoes to choose from this
season. Animal prints are also still roaring strong, often in combination with
a metallic hue.
you’re still feeling hesitant to embrace the technicolor trend, remember that a
little punch of color can’t go wrong, and Alexander McQueen would never walk
you down the wrong path when it comes to luxury fashion and footwear. 

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