Smashbox Primer… A Must Have!

 I have to admit, I’m quite the hoarder when it comes to make-up. Always have been. There’s something about finding a good beauty product that really tickles my fancy. I also feel that my beauty routine could always improve as I learn about fabulous products. I know I’m not alone! Right? Who doesn’t love a step towards the perfect skin? ….Crickets….

I give you, Smashbox primer. My favorite? Photo Finish Luminizing. It works wonders. This primer literally works with all other foundations and face products to create an amazing movie star glow. No, really. It’s that good.

  Apply after moisturizing by taking a small amount on your hand and blending on your face using a foundation brush/your hands. I use my primer before foundation and after moisturizing. Remember that! Next, just continue with your normal make-up routine and prepare to be amazed.

It truly makes a difference in your make-up routine, trust me. This primer is the most light weight product I wear. Very similar to my moisturizer. Which makes all of us happy knowing we can add one more piece to the face equation without looking like clowns. And if you aren’t already sold, it gets better. Smasbox actually creates a full line of amazing primers that do completely different things to your face. And by things, I mean amazing ones. Color correcting, extra moisturizing, illuminating… these are some of the other great options for your face. I’d check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

This post is brought to you by Smashbox Cosmetics .

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  1. Devon,
    Good choice! Also, try mixing it with your moisturizer instead of putting in on after. You might be surprised. If you're ever looking for a super stellar foundation, try Guerlain's Lingerie de-Peau. Another great product used for setting foundation/powder/primer, is Jane Iredale's D2O Hydration Spray. Check out my Beauty Bff's on Shoptorial. I get a lot of gratis for certain products (like Whish, another amazing line), so if there are any you want to try let me know!

  2. The smash box primer just won't work for me for some reason. I use the loreal perfecting base. Maybe it's b/c I have oily skin? Love your clear containers. I have a similar one purchased from Marshall's, but looking into the Muji ones to add to my set up 🙂

  3. I always see Smashbox and Ulta but I've never tried them out. BTW, I'm in love with your bathroom organization! Copying it. lol. Following your blog now! 🙂


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