Party Like It’s MY Birthday

| Rag & Bone jeans | Equipment top | Zara leather jacket
(similar) | Lamb by Gwen Stefani heels | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Alexander Wangbag | Michael Kors watch | Ettika bracelet c/o | ASOS earrings |

If you didn’t notice from the massive amounts of tweets/instagram
pictures, I’ve been in Las Vegas the past 4 days celebrating my birthday! I had
such a fantastic time with my boyfriend and parents as we gambled, drank, ate,
and shopped. Oh, and then ate some more (my waist line is reaaal happy with me
right now).
After trying various other hotels in the past, we stayed at
the Cosmopolitan, which I highly recommend on your next trip. The glamorous
décor and impeccable service made for a swanky fun trip, equipped with plenty
of glitter. Not to mention, I wanted to steal just about every decorative
accessory and piece of art. The best part? The gigantic crystal chandelier that
surrounds nearly the whole casino! Next time you’re in Vegas, check out this
hotel. You’ll be glad you did.
Just wanted to thank everyone for the sweet birthday wishes
and love! You guys made it perfect. I’m very blessed. J

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  1. Love your outfit – I feel the need to cover up 98% of the people I see on the strip. Would LOVE to see more of what you wore! We just got back Monday, and I have my full recap up here. Flava Flav tried to take my friend on a date to Joe's Crab Shack. I feel like that only happens in Vegas 😉 haha.

    Happy late birthday!

    Sam ipsa loquitur

  2. Glad you're having a great birthday!! I turn 30 this Saturday and would have loved to have gone to Vegas again, but I'm almost 7 months pregnant and can't party right now, haha.

    I absolutely ADORE your outfit here and I love following your IG profile, I love all your photos.

    I agree with the first commentor, I feel the need to cover up 98% of the people on the strip. again, Happy Birthday!!

  3. I saw your instagram photos and it looks like you had a great time! And of course, you looked fab as always! Love those heels!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Devon! I looked like you had an amazing birthday in Vegas, and how wonderful that you got to spend it with your parents and boyfriend. This outfit is just impeccable. The all-black is oh so chic and I'm loving all the textures you've got going on.


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