Must. Have. You.

The second I bought this jacket, I knew it would become a staple in my wardrobe. It was one of those pieces that made my “must. have. you.” radar go nuts. You’d think this would happen frequently in my life considering my job (slash obsession), and believe me it could. I have to physically pry my paws from things solely because of the lack of space I have to keep it all! 
But this jacket just had to come home with me. 
I’ve already worn it an embarrassing amount of times. Hey, who’s counting?
 I love the two toned look. You can even zip off the black part to change it up! I mean, need I say more?
Do you guys have a favorite staple in your wardrobe right now? 
Happy almost Friday!

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  1. Hey Devon!love the pop of color of your balenciaga bag with the black and white.. xo!

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