Around My Home: New Favorites

 | My bedside table & one of my vintage Beatles prints | 
| My completed bathroom wall art by iSeeNoise |
 | Got my paws on 3 pair of kicks from the Prabal Gurung x Target collaboration. I also got a cute dress! |
| I added this cute teapot I found at Homegoods to my ever-changing shelves |
 | I finally got the tall ‘Alex’ shelving unit from Ikea, and put it together myself might I add |
 | When bookshelves don’t have sides, I use book ends to display my pretty favorites |
| I found these cool black and white striped candles at Target a while back, and I wanted to display them in a fun way. I put them in a black vase and I really like how it turned out! |
| Still one of my favorite vintage finds, this ‘D’ towel was a given purchase. |
I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my YouTube haul yesterday! There will be many more to come, don’t worry! Today I wanted to share some of my new favorite things around my apartment. 
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Love that you used your 'Alex' unit as your vanity area, inspiring me to change up mine around my apartment! Also, your home is beautiful and super girly, I love it! 🙂


  2. After I watched your video today I thought to myself 'she needs to post more decor pictures of her apt.' You read my mind! 😉
    Love the bathroom wall art.

  3. OBSESSED with your bathroom wall! (How weird of a sentence is that taken out of context?! Ha!) I have one I See Noise print hanging in my bathroom, but this makes me want to order 3 more asap! So cute all in a row like that!

  4. Amazing! Your place looks like coming out of a magazine, adored the make up illustrations! And hello amazing new shoes, this collection is my favorite of Target!

    Cee. ♥

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