Sofa Styling 101

Photos by: Sylvia Chen
 There you have it! Much easier than you thought, right? Adding and re-arranging pillows on your sofa is an inexpensive (and fabulously chic) way to change up your living room. Much like a coat of paint, it’s amazing how different a room can look with new pillows. If you’re feeling extra frisky, add a throw blanket over the back of the sofa! What are you waiting for? Change up that “sooo last season” room you’ve been dying to. You won’t break the bank in the process.
My go to source for fabulous affordable pillows is My Pillow Shop on Etsy. The striped accent pillows on my sofa come from the lovely store. Let me just tell you, this shop is cute. It took me forever to narrow down what I wanted! And for $25 a pillow? I mean, come on. Lets be real, it doesn’t get much better than that.
The floral pillows are from Homegoods and the greek key middle pillow is from Target. Since these are no longer available, check out my picks for affordable options below:


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  1. Love all of your pillow picks! I got new pillows for my bed in my apartment and it totally changed how it looks even though the duvet, shams, and sheets are the same!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great decorating ideas. By just changing the throw pillows you have a new look.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'Paisley Pattern'. Thanks in advance.


  3. Pretty and unique choice with the green couch! Where is the white end table from?

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