5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Before I even start this post, I have to apologize because my ‘about’ page will be coming out this week. So, there’s probably a lot more than 5 things you feel like you don’t know about me. Don’t worry, that’s all about to change. We’re about to get all comfortable in here. Some other bloggers have tagged me to do this little post and I thought it would be fun!
Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

1. I hate cooking. In fact, the closest I’ve come to liking it is through buying serving dishes from Anthropologie. I really wish I enjoyed domestic things, and I’m sure I will more with age… but they are not fun to me right now. I do love planning parties, however.

2. I’m really loud– sometimes I talk to much and act weird. My best friends would tell you I’m such a weirdo. I’m a big fan of letting your freak flag fly, so I just own it. I love cats, really weird figurines and funky things. I know I’m a loudmouth, so what?

{ being ‘weird’ and perfecting the crooked smile early, decorating some eggs of course, working at my desk with my other kitty Precious watching }

3. When I was little, I would make my parents video tape (old school style) me giving tours of our house and the occasional fashion tip. My famous line “Come on, come on” and hand gester to show where to follow me was always present.

4. I love funky disco music from the 70s. Which is ironic, considering my parents met at the disco back in the day! Groooovy babyyyy.

5. I can cross ‘spontaneous move’ off my bucket list. I hopped up and moved to LA a year ago (barely knowing anyone, might I add) after graduating college. To better tell the crazy story, let’s get specific. It’s 2 days before my graduation. I’d planned on taking a marketing/sales job in Corporate America that had absolutely nothing to do with my blog. In fact, I wasn’t happy with any of the offers I had on the table. Not because of the money, or the status, or any of that crap. At the time, I honestly didn’t know why I felt so weird/unsure of my career. I worked extremely hard in college to maintain a good GPA and learn all I could. I thought I was destined to be in sales like my Dad. I didn’t think I would ever make my blog a career. I just thought i was another one of the students struggling to find the right job after college.
Back to 2 days before I graduate. I got an email from the lovely people at Taylor Jacobson’s office. That changed everything! Suddenly the idea of me moving to Los Angeles to work for a stylist became a reality and that’s how I got here! And you’ll learn more about that in my new additions to the site.

Hope you enjoyed and feel like you know me better 🙂

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  1. Great post! 🙂 Love getting to know you more and can't wait for the about section to learn more about how you and Taylor came to working together.

  2. GREAT POST! I also lack a love of cooking…but luckily my man is a chef 😉 Good for you for making that big move…SO brave. It has definitely paid off.

    Brittany at DigitallyLUX

  3. Sounds like you and I could be besties! Well probably too much for other people to handle but we could be weirdos and loud together, can't wait to learn more once the about page is ready!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  4. You're too cute! So glad you followed your dreams and your blog has become such a success 🙂

    xo, Ainslee


  5. Really enjoyed your post! I think sharing this information helps you connect even more so to your followers. I think you are on a great adventure and I look forward to seeing where it takes you.
    KInd Regards – Carrie Barth – Maple Leaf Street

  6. Love the first picture of you. You look like a little kid that just got caught eating dessert before dinner. Adorable.

    I'd love for you to stop by and check out my latest blog post.
    Have an amazing day.


  7. Thanks for sharing Devon, I loved learning a little more about you. I totally commend your move to California. How brave are you?! I love the last shot of you by the way, gorgeous.

    Chelsea & The City

  8. I always love reading these posts about other bloggers! I did one not too long ago and it was fun to get the responses about things people didn't know!! Look forward to reading the About Me page. I remember when you posted on IG that you were up and moving to LA! love

  9. I had no idea you worked for Taylor Jacobson! She is fantastic, so I would imagine it's a fantastic job and also a much more fulfilling job for you! Loved getting to know a little bit more about you 🙂


  10. "Get to know me" posts are by far my favorite! It's so interesting to learn about the funny little things that make someone who they are, and the blog seem more real and authentic knowing the stories behind the person writing it. Please tell details about how Taylor Jacobson's office e-mailed you and the status of your blog during college!! I'm in your shoes — I graduate in a year with no interest in corporate after having an internship there.


  11. WOW!! That's a CRAZY story (#5) and what an adventure!! I remember when you were moving 'cross country to LA but didn't realize how 'last minute' it was! What a wild ride, I'm so inspired, what an amazing life you're living now!!!

    Truly living what you love and your passion; I wish I was doing that 🙂

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