Blue Stripes

Photos by: the AMAZING Preston
 As you all know, I looove mixing prints. Stripes and florals are pretty much THE answer to your print-mixing prayers. Look for stripes in a color that’s present in your skirt at least a little bit. The same goes for any pattern! This trick will help you get used to mixing prints and give you some courage to go a little more wild next time 😉
How was your weekend? Chandler’s sister Morgan got married! It was a beautiful wedding (more pics to come!)
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  1. I guess it works because it shares similar color themes but not sure i'm going to jump on this bandwagon anytime soon. it'll take me a while to get used to the stripes and florals pair. but then again, i always love a good eccentric mixing-and-matching 🙂


  2. Love the print mixing! I still haven't tried my hand at it, but I love the trend!

  3. Stripes and florals are a match made in heaven! Honestly, the two prints are almost starting to become neutrals to me. I'm loving the delicate floral print on your skirt and the bright blue stripes on your top is perfect for summer. You look oh so chic!


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