From Beach To Streets

Photos by: Preston
Swimsuit, Hat, Shoes, Necklace & Jumpsuit: Missguided US
Don’t we all just love the summer time? I know I do. And during the summer, it is so important for my clothes to be extra functional. I need to be able to wear them to multiple places– especially from the beach to the streets. I want to know that I can throw on my outfit at the beach and head to a fabulous dinner with my boyfriend– I mean, these are priorities, right?
One sure way to get that “I just came from the beach but now I’m going on a fabulous, sexy date” look is with a jumpsuit. I’m such a fan of them right now! As you can see in my photos, I literally threw this jumpsuit over my swimsuit, not even worrying about the suit showing. That makes things even cuter, people! Add a sassy necklace + hat and you are on your way to a chic, chic place my friend. Isn’t that a place we all want to go? I think so.
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