What’s Inside My Bag?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m always so interested in what women manage to cram inside their purses. If you’ve managed to cram in your entire bathroom, closet or office, I want to know how.  A spare outfit for later? Girl, share your secrets! Because what’s inside my purse changes on a regular basis, I thought I’d share what I’m currently packing. And I do mean business.
1. Sunnies. Well, this goes without saying. I always have a pair of sunglasses in my bag. These are my new favorites by Juicy Couture (yes, I’m into them again).
2. Mints, not gum. My parents always told me I looked like a horse chomping on gum, so I developed this weird ‘NO gum tolerance’. I stick with mints. They’ll do the job and keep your breath fresh, plus you won’t look like you stepped out of a trailer in jorts.
3. Business cards. Because you never know who you’ll run into!
4. A bar/snack of some sort. If you know me, you know I get hangry (hungry + angry). I’m pretty much the poster child for that Snicker’s commercial “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry”. So I always, always, always have at least a small snack in my bag. Can’t be scaring people off!
5. Lipstick. Another must! I love ‘Funny Face’ by Nars.
6. Rollerball perfume. I used to carry a bigger bottle, but it weighed me down. Now I carry a small rollerball size of Acqua di Gioia
7. Hand cream. My hands get dry easily, so I keep this cream with me at all times.
9. Hair tools. No matter what, I always have a day where I just want to throw my hair on top of my head. So I’m always prepared for that.
10. Hand sanitizer. Duh. Germs. Ew.
11. Nail polish. I’ve recently started to carry the polish I’m wearing with me. Easy for touch ups!
12. My phone. (again, DUH)
13. Chanel powder. I’m not a huge fan of carrying your entire makeup drawer in your bag. I do, however, keep my powder compact if I need to powder my nose, of course.
14. My keys. Because I need to go places.
 Oh, I also carry headache medicine. I’m prone!
What do you carry in your bag?

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  1. I carry pretty much all the same things, I do need to start carrying nail polish though 🙂 Love this!

    xo, Ainslee


  2. I love these kind of blog posts. The main difference in my bag is that I always carry my Kindle around with me in case I want to read. Very handy for keeping me amused on my tram journeys to and from work.

    Lucy x

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