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Hey all, I’m Christine with Hello Fashion. I’m so excited to be a part of Devon’s Get it Girl week! 
Special shout out to her and her honey as they celebrate their engagement. 
This week everyone has been talking about their go to items, for me it is always shoes. It’s my favorite piece to finish an outfit. I think typically people’s first inclination is to pair a black and white dress with black heels, instead use your shoes as a way to bring in color and contrast.

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  1. Colored shoes always seem more difficult to pair with an outfit, but black and white is the perfect ensemble for colored shoes! Love it!

    Xo, Amanda

  2. It is possible to also generate an illusion by means of the collection of an empire line dress. These dresses taper out previous the waist line. Regardless of how huge or flat you happen to be, the shape of this dress will make you seem bigger. In case you decide on an empire waited dress with straps, pick thin nearly spaghetti like straps for the very best illusion impact up prime.

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