Black, White & Target All Over

On any given day you can find me at Target. Tar-jay as I like to call it. It’s my happy place. No matter what amount of money I go in saying I’ll spend, I spend more. Every time. To be completely honest, I’m fine with it. All rules and regulations I set for myself are fully compromised by this wonderful oasis of a store. Don’t act like it hasn’t happened to you! That feeling of “I definitely don’t ‘need’ all these colorful pens but somehow I’m going to convince myself that ‘need’ is a rather relative term” and then you purchase the pens.. and more.

I say celebrate it! Target is my place. My hood. With thousands of other options to shop, I stay loyal. We all stay loyal. And that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

With all that gushing about my favorite store, you can imagine how excited I was to work with Target! I had the opportunity to fly to NYC a little bit early to attend a top-secret fashion show (their new commercial!) and scout the hottest new trends. And let me tell you… the show was SICK. From conveyer belts to dancers and adorable shopping cart models, Target knows how to put on a show. Did you guys see my Instagram video of the cool models pushing shopping carts on what seemed like a treadmill? Genius.

Black and white is seriously the most classic trend. Whether in your home or wardrobe, it’s really a no brainer. You are instantly chic wearing black and white. So embrace this trend, people, and rock what you got! Oh, and please remember to layer. It’s Fall!!

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam
Media.  The opinions expressed herein are
those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.”

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  1. love it! While shopping #philliplimfortarget yesterday I was pulled into the black+white section and ended up getting some items there too! Such great stuff. I'd love to get to work with Target…I'm also there more often than pretty much any store…especially since I get my rX, bananas, hairspray, kids shoes, and a new tee all in one stop. LOVE THAT PLACE!

  2. Love "Tar Jay" (so fancy)…it is definitely a place you go to pick up one item and end up leaving with 20. I am so excited about the Phillip Lim for Target collection…still deciding on which purse to get. It is hard to choose just one =)

    Lovely blog!

    Sister Style

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