Devon Loves Lulu*s

I’ve been a fan of LuLu*s since they first opened years ago. As a girl who could wake up in an edgy leather number one morning and a pink girly dress the next, I can definitely appreciate such a well rounded fashionable retailer.

Dress: LuLu*s | Shoes: LuLu*s | Belt: LuLu*s | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Henri Bendel 
 It’s safe to say we all know and love LuLu*s, so you can imagine my excitement when they asked me to take over the instagram account during my trip to NYFW! If you didn’t see, I took over as I hung out with my blogger friends, ate yummy NYC food and (most importantly) saw unbelievable fashion. 
I also ran around NYC in a much more comfortable manner thanks to this adorable floral dress and cute booties from LuLu*s! Compliments galore, might I add. If you’ve never heard of LuLu*s, get out from under that rock and check them out! I have to thank the team at LuLu*s for making my experience in NYC more fashionable, comfortable and of course fun!
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