Holiday Home Feature: Jordan Stanley’s Precious Halloween Decor

I recently hired the most adorable, crafty, and stylistically talented (yes, I used that in this sentence) intern, Jordan Stanley, here at Devon Rachel and could not be happier with her. Not only does this girl work hard (she’s a fellow Texan), I really love how crazy into home and holiday decor she is. A woman after my own heart! When I saw how cute her place was, I obviously asked if I could shoot it for the blog! As you can see, she agreed (yay!) and her Halloween holiday decor is today’s home feature. Feast your eyes on this spooky treat!

I just love how Jordan decorated her home. How are you decorating this fall? I hope you’re inspired by Jordan’s fabulous work. I know I am!

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  1. Oh my gosh you have an intern?! She's so lucky! The Halloween decor definitely puts me in the holiday spirit.

  2. Dayum! Impressive intern! I wish my bosses offered to photograph my (messy) room to post on their blog.

    Or maybe not…

    Either way, she has a sweet eye for decorating. Definitely jealous!

  3. I love these decorations! The atmosphere is so cozy…
    Can I ask u one thing? Are the sofa and armchair by an Italian brand? I think it's the company where I work…

  4. Love how much she infused the season! I usually throw an extra pumpkin or two out and call it a day, but this is such a tasteful way to get into the spirit 🙂

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

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