Devon Says I Do: Bridal Fitness

With my wedding date swiftly approaching, I’ve officially decided to get my butt in shape. It’s a new year after all! I vow to eat better, push myself to go to the gym (when I try to talk myself out of it), and drink much more water. How do I plan on achieving these goals? Read on!

Photos by: Jana Williams 
I love doing workout classes! I highly suggest finding classes in your area to try out. When you go to a workout class, you’re held more accountable and it’s like you have a trainer! Plus, most of the workout classes these days make it feel like you aren’t working out. Zumba, Cardio Boxing, Cardio Barre are all examples of fun classes. Also, take a Pilates or Yoga class! I know I’m going to add one a week to my regime.
I’m going to spend 2-3 days a week in the gym on the machines, and 1-2 days a week in a class or hiking. I think it’s best to set your goals to 4-5 days a week in the gym. Trust me, you do not want to to burn yourself out! Working out should be a healthy release. I’ve put together a little bride bootcamp routine on Style Me Pretty, so check it out and let me know how you’re getting fit this season!
Oh, and obviously the outfit is important! There are so many cute options for athletic wear these days. I highly suggest checking out Nordstrom’s Active Department and browse through my selections below! 🙂

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  1. Here's to a great (and healthy) 2014!

    Love zumba…it has really motivated me in getting to the gym. I can usually convince myself not to go to the gym so I am so glad classes like zumba and kickboxing are available.

    ~Megan (Sister Style)

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