The Day of Love

Well, my friends, the day of love is nearly here. I always say, whether you love fashion or a significant other, Valentine’s Day is the day you celebrate the art of love. Oh, and speaking of love, today I’m sharing what Chandler and I plan on doing for Valentine’s Day, what I’ll be doing to get ready for our date night, as well as my top his + her gift ideas.

This Valentine’s day, I’ll be spending time with Chandler. I’m so excited to take a little break and celebrate our last Valentine’s Day before we get married in May. Gosh, that is still so weird to say. Regardless, this V-Day is a special one. We’re planning on celebrating with dinner and doing absolutely nothing together. I say nothing, we will definitely be eating cookies and V-Day treats (I’m cheating on the Bride diet, ya’ll). The long distance can take a toll on your heart, so I enjoy just being in his presence, regardless of what we do. Oh, and I’ll be painting my nails in one of my new favorite love inspired colors, obviously.
And to the gifts… if you’re anything like me, you procrastinate to no end. I don’t know why I do it to myself, but for some reason it always happens. Gifting is no different. So when I’m out at the last minute looking for a V-Day present (or any, for that matter), I love to see gift sets. The mens and womens watches pictured above from Express come with 2 additional straps to mix up your look. And let me just tell you, the woman’s looks great with everything — the optional leopard strap is my favorite part. I’ve already mixed and matched. What a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Ah, gift sets, you go, Glen Coco. 
 photography by: Tim & Co
When it comes to scents, you know I’m obsessed. I really love trying new perfumes– I wear a different one each day. This scent by Express smells perfectly sweet — not too sweet, though, which can really ruin things. And every time I’ve worn Love Express, someone mentions how nice I smell. Always a good sign.  And for your man? I have a good feeling any guy would love the masculine dress-it-up-or-down leather watch from Express. Not to mention it also comes with two more casual and sporty straps. I know Chandler will love the color of the leather. I personally love the Express cologne for men, too. I’m a sucker for a good scent, remember?

Are you ready for #OneHotDate? Itโ€™s on Express. Find out more here.
Show off your Valentineโ€™s Day style! We want to see them. Just remember to post your pics tagging  #OneHotDate so we can find you ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
Now, go smooch someone, already! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love valentine's day but of the reason that is carnival and we had our 7 year anniversary on last tuesday we don't celebrate the 14th so much. We went for dinner and have a romantic night at the 11th ๐Ÿ™‚
    i wish you a great day and a wonderful valentine's day with your hubby tomorrow.
    xo, Petra

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