My Trip To Kauai

Aloha! It’s been a few days since I returned from Hawaii with Maurices and I wanted to share a recap (complete with tons of photos) of my trip with you.

 I had the opportunity to be a part of Maurices‘ Drenched in Summer shoot and it was so awesome to have my best friend, Amber, along for the ride. We had way too many late night laughs and pillow talk. 
Let me tell you people, Kauai is such a beautiful place. I have never seen such a natural, green and wonderfully exotic location. I mean, after all, Jurassic Park was filmed on the island and rumor has it they were filming the new movie while we were in town! I wanted to see a huge T-Rex run through some trees so bad. Haha! Just kidding. 
We had a great time and it it has been tough returning to reality!

I spent the first day on the beach with the Maurices production team and I also had the pleasure of flexing my styling muscles. I put together a few looks for the models while hanging out in the sand. Oh, you know… just a normal office day. UM WHAT?! Needless to say, it was a true privilege. 

The camera crew setting up video on set. I cannot wait to share the video of our trip soon! We had a crew following us throughout all of the crazy laughing and helicopter AND horseback riding. So be prepared to laugh nonetheless. 

(wearing a Maurices necklace + top)
This gorgeous garden was featured in the first Jurassic Park movie. Cray cray! And I just love my sweet friend, Amber! We have been best friends for yeeeears — she’s practically my sister! I was glad to share this experience with that little nugget. We are two peas in a pod! 

Tank, shorts, necklace + kimono are Maurices
I loved this enchanted waterfall/dam we visited the second day. The scenery was magical. Beyond me.

We really wanted to swing into the water, George of the Jungle style. We resisted. But it was still amazing. It felt like the Jungle Book in real life, ya’ll. Words cannot describe!
Then we took a magic helicopter riiiide (a whole new worlllld) around Kauai. Talk about crazy views. If you ever visit the island, you have have have to do the helicopter tour. There’s really no better way to see the island and all of it’s natural beauty. So many natural waterfalls and gorgeous beach fronts. The terrain is ridic.
We visited The Hunter Gatherer, an adorable little boutique nestled next to the cutest yoga studio you’ve ever seen. I stumbled upon this amazing bamboo bike and, naturally, wanted to take it back to LA with me. I mean, who doesn’t need a bamboo bike? We could all use one. 
Amber and I love animals, probably an annoying amount. We had fun watching and feeding the island’s many gorgeous birds. How cute are these little nuggets?

The gorgeous model, Ashley, doin’ her thang. All of the models for Maurices’ summer shoot were so fun. I always love being on set and interacting with every aspect. I love the creative director hat. I also love styling! With so many cute necklaces to layer, I was in Heaven.
 My jumpsuit is by Maurices
 Not only did we visit some of the most amazing exotic locations, we found a farm and rode horses! I left that little excursion wanting a farm of my own. If you didn’t see on my instagram, we met the cutest and friendliest rooster named Neil Diamond. We also met two nugget pigs, cats, goats, chickens, and the most beautiful peacocks! 
All in all, I had such an amazing time getting Drenched in Summer with Maurices. You should definitely check out my picks from the new collection on their site! Tribal prints and amazing jewelry all included. Oh, and while you’re shopping: enter DEVON20 at checkout for 20% off your order until 4/14. So get to shopping!
Oh, and stay tuned for more fun outfit posts from my Hawaii trip! Never before seen 😉

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