Coachella or Bust

Today is the day! I’m heading to Coachella for the first
time and I could not be more excited. A weekend of parties, music, sun and
friends sounds fabulous in my book. From what I hear, the parties can get
pretty intense and huge. I’m talking pool built specially for the party in the
middle of the desert huge. Yep, another first timer to Coachella, Old Navy is throwing
a huuuge par-tay.  They are taking over
an RV park next to the festival grounds and I cannot wait to see how amazing it
looks. The lovely folks at ON were so kind to send me a Coachella survival kit,
too. So you bring it on sunshine, heat and dirt! I’m armed.
Gosh, I can’t wait! For those of you who can’t make it to
Coachella, just follow along on my adventures via Instagram (@DevonRachel) this
weekend! Xo!

Photos by: Sylvia G Photography
Backpack: Old Navy c/o
Sunglasses: Old Navy c/o

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