14 Ways To Easily Update Your Home

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly inspired and looking for ways to update my home. Whether I’m mixing up for the Holidays, Spring cleaning and re-arranging, or just being my normal easily-bored-with-decor self, I find ways to feed my need for variety. And it usually involves moving around things I already own — free of charge, baby! Holla!
Because I’m so obsessed with mixing things up (and the fact that I’m going to be decorating another apartment — more on that tomorrow!), I wanted to give you some tips on how to easily update your own home. Now let’s do it to it, ya’ll!

1. Declutter your home. I’m talking about every inch of that bad boy! Take a weekend (or full day) to purge some of the unneeded you-know-what you own. No one likes a hoarder. Trust me, it’s hard to find a place for literally everything, I know, but there are plenty of awesome articles on Pinterest to help a Sista out. I’ll be using this Month of Decluttering Calendar to help me get it together!
2. Create an interesting entryway (no matter the size). I am a firm believer that anyone can put together some sort of entryway in their home. Don’t stop at the front door, either! Think about every hallway in your home –even the front door outside entry. Add a mirror (even lean against the wall) , flowers, books, an interesting accessory or tray and you are good to go.
3. Make a bar Cart out of anything. I mean anything! Use your kitchen counter, furniture in your living room, a buffet, whatever you can get your hands on. And when you are all excited about your new space, check out my post on all your Bar Cart Essentials
or better yet, make a coffee cart! 
4. Make your dresser double as a vanity. I love getting the most out of my space. To create a your very own vanity, all you need is a good mirror, personal beauty products, jewelry if desired, and fresh flowers. Trust me, it’s much easier than you think!
5. Update your bedroom with bedding and accessories. I love the idea of a more neutral set of sheets and bedding while contrasting with wild pillows and perhaps even a headboard. I have done this in my LA apartment and love the idea of a somewhat blank canvas for pillows! 
6. Hang a gallery wall. I love how easy it is to create a great gallery wall. With so many great prints out there (head to Art.com), your options are pretty much endless.
7. Paint a Chalkboard wall. I have never experienced for myself, but have heard from friends that the process is pretty easy and inexpensive! Don’t you just love this picture and the way it chalk looks in the kitchen? I cannot even handle how precious! If you have kids, consider this entertainment! Check out this tutorial for more help. I sure will be!
8. Be a ‘Leaner’ with Art. If you are decorating shelves, walls, or other tables, try leaning art against the wall instead of hanging. I love how fresh and nontraditional the art looks leaned up against a wall. In my home I have large frames that I fully intend to keep against the wall. No hang, no problem! It’s totally in right now.
9. Stack books by a chair (or everywhere). Stacked in a corner, next to the TV console, or styled on shelves, books and magazines can add a special chic factor to your home. Plus, chances are you at least have a zillion magazines lying around somewhere!
10. Create a reading nook. Everyone needs a cute, quiet area to retreat to. Whether I read magazines, books or emails, a cozy little nook seems to always make me smile. This is definitely a great way to focus on beautifying a small section of your home (if you aren’t ready for big changes).
11. Be daring with wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to pick a wild and crazy cool print for wallpaper. It’s back and can be fabulous in the form of a highlight wall or even a full bathroom. I’m in love. I don’t know about you!
12. Switch to new bathroom accessories. It can be as easy as flowers, a pretty tray, soap, and a great set of towels (I love the stripes here). If you can change more than this, I’d definitely look into switching out mirrors. Mirrors aren’t too expensive and you can pick one that completely vibes with the room. These are easy changes that won’t break the bank or a nail!
13. Create cute storage. If you have a small kitchen or little storage, check out this cute blue cart from Ikea! A compact yet cute way to store extra kitchen accessories/drinks is sometimes all you need. Just be sure the cart fits in the space!
14. Paint a striped wall. I have bee dying to do this for years. I will definitely be doing some DIY striped walls very soon and I cannnot wait. I have read several articles claming the project is actually rather easy, so that makes me even more excited. Find a great tutorial here
I hope you enjoyed my tips! Happy decorating!
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