Summer Vacation Fashion

Oh, Summer! The endless fun and vacations – it just feels
like a good time every night. Even though the season is swiftly wrapping up,
Chandler and I have a few more trips planned (so I need outfits!) We’re heading
to Marfa, Texas, which I am beyond excited about, as well as Napa Valley. I’ll
need plenty of great summer outfits, so I have been scouring the Internet for
fresh styles.
Did you know eBay released a new Designer Collective select
collection of in-season clothing, shoes, accessories, you name it, they have it.

 They offer the latest styles selected by the brands themselves, with free
shipping and returns! I have found plenty of options for my upcoming trips on
eBay! I also curated three collections, so you can shop them directly here.

If you’re in need of a new (and quick) Summer outfit, get it
on eBay Designer Collective.
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