New Deals And Steals

Office supplies. Oh, who doesn’t love a cute planner, pretty flowers and a giant box of sharpies? I rest my case. And who doesn’t love a good deal and a good steal? I headed to Target the other day (for SOCKS!) and came out with a whole lot of awesome that I wanted to share, along with some other fun little tidbits. Enjoy and Happy Friday!‘ planner via Furbish Studio 
Pretty flowers (and my bar cart in the background!) in an awesome Kate Spade vase. I recently switched up my bar cart, if you haven’t noticed! I will do a little post on the new look soon 🙂
I think this was my favorite score of the trip. I don’t know about you, but I am a hoarder of a few things: cute pillows, perfumes and makeup bags. I love all types of travel bags and makeup bags. I just do. I will not change! As long as the number stays under 100…
How flipping adorable is this cosmetic bag?! It was a whopping $20. Target always has a wide array of colorful, beautiful and inexpensive cosmetic bags. They hold up, too!
I’m so excited for the adorable and sweet Joy of the blog and now dynomite brand ‘Oh Joy‘! You may have seen her new line Oh Joy For Target in the party section (or all around the blogosphere). She’s a joy (no pun intended) and her designs are FAB, so you should definitely check it out. You will not be sorry! 
Here’s another amazing piece from the Oh Joy For Target collection. This pitcher was only $25! I love and will use her for every party.
I hope you guys enjoyed my little haul from Target, and the little tidbits here and there. Stay tuned for more home content coming soon! 🙂

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  1. Ohh these home and desktop accessories are so adorable! Recently, I've also been totally into office supplies mood. I was looking for a perfect student agenda. You know, all these brands are creating so many cute planners but they are not perfect (hello, OCD!) Finally, I found the Perfect Ones: And you know what? Now I want the one that you posted! "I'm very busy" one 🙂

  2. Doesn't that always happen at target? I go in for ONE THING and come out with bags of adorable stuff. 🙂

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