A Good Time For Flats

To be completely honest, I spent majority of this day in a great pair of heels. It was so much cuter with heels — as are most looks generally, at least during fashion week. Ever wonder how fashionistas pull of the “all-day-running-around-town-so-chic-in-heels” look? Here’s a small hint: they don’t. At least they don’t in my case. Let me explain….
I trotted around NYFW in my cute high heels to multiple shows, events, and around Soho for a few minutes of shopping. And let me just tell you, everything was good until it was not good. Ohhh a little (and by little, I mean huge) visit from the Blister B**ch! It was really, really bad. Most likely a small build up of previous day blisters, but this was when it really went south. 

Shirt: Equipment // Sweater: Parker c/o // Jeans: J Brand // Bag: Henri Bendel // Flats: Sam Edelman // Sunglasses: Prada //

It started to rain, and when it rains in NYC there is not a cab in sight. So we walk around for what seemed like 20 blocks and finally find a cab to the next location. I was leaving a very chic preview (which was packed with editors, bloggers, fashion influencers alike) and trying not to hobble around when one of my bags broke. Everything fell all over the floor. Yea, everything. I laughed, and started to make my move to get everything when ankle gave out because I had been walking weird trying to keep from rubbing blisters. So here I am, sitting on the floor around a huge crowd of fabulous fashion-y people, laughing. A girl realized what happened and helped me pick up my belongings, but I couldn’t help but feel like this was an Aha moment for me. As if walking around NYC in slippers a few days prior wasn’t enough! Haha! 
I had to put a stop to the madness, so I ended up in my my trusty spare Sam Edelman flats, which are THE most comfortable pair of flats I own and I need to remember to buy every single color. They are perfect for throwing in my bag and trading off looks when my feet can’t take it. So this is how I ended the day. I should’ve switched sooner! 
Side note: when my feet are killing me and I want to keep the cuteness going on, I normally tell myself (and yes, I really do) to just walk/run like Carrie Bradshaw around NYC. You remember how she used to do this! She just ran all over NYC in Sex and The City like her feet were invincible. Well, funny story. They were not invincible. Sarah Jessica Parker has recently voiced that she has severe foot damage from running around in heels so much! How ironic. She should’ve stashed a pair of flats in her purse. Silly Carrie. 

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  1. Sounds like NYFW was beyond hectic. But happy to hear that you were able to laugh off your little mishap. That's definitely the best way to go about it! I'll definitely have to remember to "carrie" around flats the next time i visit NY because at the end of the day, even my comfiest heels end up rubbing me the wrong way.


  2. LOL! I absolutely adore your honesty. Reminds me so much of myself! I definitely understand how you feel, because I went to NYFW and heels are the devil. I actually wore my J. Crew flats which saved my life while there. I have a pair of Sam Edelman flats too that are comfortable and I should have bought those too!

    Brittany x

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