Why Online Shopping Is Better + What I Need In My Closet Right Now

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you are having a great pre- Halloween week! I got to LA on Monday and (as usual) it has been a whirlwind up until this moment. I’m always so crazy busy when I come back here (a good thing!) so everything tends to pile up. Anyway, I want to talk about online shopping (and the common misconceptions) and what’s on my “to buy” list today.

I’m naturally a big fan of searching the world wide web for outfits, especially with free 2 day shipping or next day (yes I’m the girl who pays for this). I often hear my friends talk about how they hate online shopping because they have to try things on. What they forget is that many sites are totally cool with that! You can return free pretty much everywhere. It’s pretty easy. I say all of this because when you shop online you not only find cooler, more different pieces, but you can usually get a better deal, too! I’m all about investing in classic pieces and saving on all trendy items.  So basically its a win win. Just wanted to clear that up! I encourage you to get out of your box and try it. It’s easy, you can do it in your pjs on the couch, and you can find cooler things. Where do I sign up, right? Ha! Oh, and SHOPBOP is having a ridiculously good sale, too. So is Piperlime. My wallet hates me and yours is about to. Sorry and you’re welcome! 😉

Okay, off the soapbox now. I’ve been dyyyyyyying for each of the pieces above. Let’s first discuss the Theory pants. I mean, as if I even NEEDED to discuss this. A fabulously made (and classic) plaid trouser? Yes and yes. And yes. Also, if you’ve been living under a rock, everyone is all about sweaters right now. What I’m loving is all the fun and different takes on the boring sweater, like this one from Vince (and it’s on SALE!). 
Another thing I absolutely need (especially because of the price) is this unreal blue coat. No words needed. And this fringe bag? Have you heard fringe is all the rage? Well, so is the bag above. AMAZING! The last thing I’ll get on my soapbox about is the fact that flats are back and super hot right now. I will be hoarding any and all pointy toe/loafer style flats. You should, too! Life is looking really awesome and comfortable….
Happy Hump Day!

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