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I love switching around my living room decor to create a different look. I use items that I already own and arrange them in a new and more exciting way. I’ll grab all the accessories from my dining area shelves and go to town! With the Holidays coming, I will most likely rearrange things yet again  — so stay tuned for that. I have to make room for my fun Christmas decor! Also, get excited for Holiday Gift Guides and more fun content. Tis the season! …

You guys know that I have a large amount of color in our LA apartment living room. I want to try to remove the amount of color in the room little by little, starting with the shelves. I left a significant amount of color this time, but when I rearrange for Holiday and beyond, I think I will tone it down a notch or two. Growing up 🙂
I really love leaning art against the wall on shelves. It adds the element of height and interest that I am constantly looking for.
Stacking of books (vertical and horizontal) always adds the right element to a shelving unit. I also love the idea of ombre colors, same colors, etc. in the selection of books. Be sure to find cute book ends!
This shelving unit is loaded down right now! For some reason I like to hoard all types of fashion magazines. Before Chandler makes me trash the mags, I like to display them stacks on shelves or the ground. Especially when they are all white!
I switched up this area of my living room as well. I showed some of it on Instagram, but I’ll be moving everything again soon – ha! Sense a common theme here? I get bored easily.
How are you decorating your shelves these days? Are you into little trinkets, or do you keep things simple and clean? Do you collect items from travels to display? Tell me more!
Happy Monday! 

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  1. I have those shelves! And I'm currently working on styling them. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. I tend to collect vintage design objects. My house is all white and pastel with scandinavian accents. My last buy was a 50's pastel ventilator which immediately upgrade the decor!
    I am totally loving your shelves but I am truly totally in love with the Flamingo on the last pic!

    Now on 6 Christmas gift ideas to upgrade a Dad's style!

    xoxo Julia from

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